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Trump Trumps Hate: We the People Rising at LAX Protests

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This past week has been a whirlwind of winning. We the People—Rising!—have so much to celebrate!

Donald Trump issues executive orders (within his scope as executive, so spare me the “unconstitutional card!”).


He has signed off to protect the unborn overseas from abortions—paid for without taxpayer dollars.

He signed off on the construction of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines.

His latest executive actions have set the liberal loony left ablaze.

The Trump Administration is targeting sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. If elected officials and their police departments resolutely refuse to comply with and enforce federal law, they will lose their federal funding.

I have protested at city council meetings all over Southern California, and they clearly depend on federal money for basic operations. What a YUGE mistake it would be for them to insist on their civic virtue signaling for illegals, only to screw over the law-abiding residents and lose revenue to fund the basic public responsibilities of every city.

Of course, in California, 80% of city budgets go to labor unions and their well-connected bureaucrats. Six figure pensions have become the norm.

Please, President Trump, cut the funding, and bring down the corrupt Democratic political class which has bled this state like a starving vampire.

Hillary Clinton won California by double-digits, but she lost the country. Thank God for all of us.

Another series of executive orders have confirmed the left-wing razorblade snowflakes’ worst fears.

1. Trump is going to build the big, beautiful wall along our Southern borders.

2. He issued a temporary travel ban on seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Those seven states are failed states, hot beds for Islamic radicalism in full force. Refugees (in name only, in many cases) have flooded out of those countries to Europe, and 15,000  more have come to America. The Obama Administration has specifically ignored Christians, the true targets of genocide.


But not a finger, or wave of his pen, or call on the phone from Barack Obama.

Do we really want the vast break-down in social order flooding Europe coming into the United States?

I say “Hell No!” to that!

The media, as usually, lied through their teeth, their black and white headlines, and all over on social media. This is not a “Muslim ban”, since 87% of the world’s Muslims are not affected, including dubious international actors like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as well as radicalized states like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As for the wall …

Mexico has one along their Southern border. Israel has two, and Hungary threw up secure fences along its Eastern borders. They work—and they make good neighbors.

Trump's decisions to secure our Southern borders, and to impose a temporary ban from dangerous countries, are not xenophobic, racist, sexist, prejudiced, and whatever other illiberal epithet I left out. Our President has every right—and necessity to ensure the safety of American citizens. Is this really a hard concept for people?

Yes, it does read "bring me your poor, your tired, your hungry, your teeming masses” at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. But even in the 1800s, the United States required a thorough vetting process—for diseases, for suitability, and for potential threats or connections with terrorist groups. Let’s not forget that PRESIDENT William McKinley was assassinated by a foreign-born anarchist.

Extreme vetting is not an extremist policy.

Now, a red voter in the midst of deep blue insanity, I noticed within two hours of Trump’s travel ban, raging anti-social injustice warriors, half of whom I am certain didn’t vote in the last election, set up a Facebook event page to protest at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


I have one of the largest harbors as well as busiest airports within 20 minutes of my home. I was not going to let 100, 1,000 (it ended up to be about 20,000 plus) take up space all over the airport and parade a series of wicked lies for the media to lick up and spit out for the world.


Barely 24 hours, I reached out to my fellow Trump supporters We the People Rising, and headed to LAX.

The parking was not as bad as I feared. That was the smoothest part of our counter-protest. We stationed ourselves on a sidewalk island right outside of the Tom Bradley arrival terminal. The crowds of anti-Trump protesters spread like a confetti-covered filth across the sidewalk, onto bridges, and into the streets. Signs with some of the most bigoted remarks imaginable littered the horizon.

I could only feel compassion for the travelers trying to make a flight. Two hours is the expected time to allow for an easy ride from curbside to airplane seat. Not for LAX passengers that day. These nationwide anti-Trump manifests will backfire. Average Americans who live and work are going to get tired of left-wing cry-bullies wetting themselves and trashing the streets.

Even the reporters got tired of their bigoted bullying.

The most intense moment of our counter-protest?  We stood our ground across from the terminal, but the Trump hate-mongers strangled the sidewalk. They blocked our signs. Bullhorns were blaring. Protesters flipped their middle fingers in our faces. They cursed at us. One of them unplugged my microphone and stereo. Another demon took a yellow siren and put in on full blast.


Whatever happened to “Love Trumps Hate”?

Unintimidated, we just stayed together. We held our ground. We shouted “USA!” and “Trump all the way!”

Five minutes later, the anti-Trump raging began to subside. Whatever they were doing—it wasn’t working. The LAPD, like blue-clad angels, surrounded and forced the negative protesters to gather on the other side of the street.

It was a double victory for Team Trump that day. Our President won on Election Day, and even in California Trump supporters are stepping out, speaking out and standing our ground in support of our chief executive, who is placing the needs of Americans first, and wants to Make America Great Again!

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