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California politics has taken over the national headlines this past week. Why shouldn’t it? What happens in the Golden State (or Commmie-fornia, or the Gilded State, or the Land of Fruity Nuts) does not stay here.


The latest iteration of liberal insanity? State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and his anti-liberty legislation SB 1146.

What would the law do? A few things: 

1. It would require universities to publish wide disclaimers that they were claiming exemptions from Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. That’s called “public shaming.”

2. Schools would have to report to the state of California whenever they expelled a student for violating those codes. That’s called “setting yourself up for Alinskyite left-wing LGBT harassment.”

3. It would limit the extent of the exemptions to religious instructions and vocations. What does that mean? “Unless you are studying to be a priest or pastor at a Christian college, you must learn and accept and embrace the left-wing distortions about marriage, family, gender, and sexuality.”

Now, a word about how outrageously stupid, as well as offensive and evil, this piece of legislation was—and still is.

Lara’s SB 1146 would have effectively shut down Christian colleges, punishing them for enforcing their moral codes of conduct. 

Gee, a Bible college—you’d think that applicants to these institutions would realize that their code of ethics and behavior would conform with…the Bible!  Similar expectations exist in many institutions. Two people dating are generally not allowed to work in the same departments of the same grocery store, for example. You don’t like a Christian colleges’ Biblical injunctions about having sex with the same sex, or trying to be a gender you were not born into? Don’t enroll there! No one is forcing you to!


And yet, by taking the sob story of an expelled student who outed himself—but had enrolled as straight---Lara hoped to advance the homosexual agenda. 

So, what happened? Religious groups and grassroots activists (including California MassResistance) drove the corrupt, elitist, out-of touch sack of political greed to distraction. He felt the heat, saw the light, and removed the most officious part of the bill.

But just like the Left loves to do, Lara wanted to make a tear-jerker sympathy plea, and smear the “big bad” Christians like intolerant, homophobic bullies.

Apparently, the state senator wasn’t paying attention to the First Baptist Church of Orlando, which reached out to the victims and families of the horrific Pulse Nightclub shooting. Some of the homosexual friends and colleagues of those victims have converted to Christ, and ditched their same-sex partners. Who says that people don’t change for the better?

Now, back to Lara and his LGBT entourage of bullies.

Yes, the state senator backed off, but the Christian colleges and religious groups have backed off even more. They won’t double-down and demand the full removal of SB 1146. They are content to sign off on the first two parts of the legislation, which are still bad.

Lesson in effective lobby, demonstration, and activism: don’t settle for a less-bad bill. Kill it.

And yet, the congregation of California Christian colleges is acting like a bunch of meek and mild sheep lead to the slaughter.

They keep seeing themselves through the eyes of their oppressors, as if they have to prove that they're not haters. How did this “blame yourself first” work out for the Israelites before the Promised Land? They wandered for forty years, until the next generation stepped up and “possessed their possessions” (Obadiah 1: 17). How did “blame yourself” work for America? One term of Jimmy Carter, and two terms of Barack Obama.


Listen, Christians (including Christian colleges): stop seeing yourselves as the perpetual victims who are supposed to turn your cheek every time someone does something mean to you.

Haven’t you read Romans 8:37, and that verse right before it?

“As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

The above passage Paul the apostle quotes from Psalm 44:22, where the Psalmist complained that God was not watching out for His people.

Even then, that sentiment is not true.

Now look at Paul’s next verse:

“Nay …”

A lot of Christians miss that word “Nay”. It means “No way, you are not called to be a meek little lamb that gets eaten up by the evil wolves in this world.” And it does not mean: “Settle for abortive compromises from the secular, arrogant, anti-God, anti-Christ Left which is only interested in the slow yet steady erosion of your rights.”

Sadly, the sheepish Christian colleges in California are doing that. They forced Lara to back off the third demand in his bill, but they are choosing to be locked up, to be chopped up later. They weren’t paying attention, obviously, when Lara promised to bring back that third element next year, “When I win re-election.”

How arrogant can one get!

Christians need to read the rest of Romans 8:37:

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.”

Christians in the fight for life and liberty, for faith and family are not acting like the winners that God made them to be in Christ.


They are giving into the culture rather than standing up to it!

Christians—and conservatives in general: remember what another Christian did, a seemingly quiet woman who wasn’t out to make a fuss. When an arrogant bus driver told her to move to the back of the bus, she stayed seated, and refused to budge. Her courage ignited a movement. Her example should inspire us.

Listen, Christians: Jesus paid for you to have victory in life (Romans 5:17), so stop capitulating under self-imposed defeat. The founders—and Founder—paid too dear a price. California’s Christian colleges are wrong to settle. We cannot compromise in the fight for liberty. California MassResistance won’t stop fighting until SB 1146 is dead. Conservatives in general must learn from this setback, then lean in, step forward, and fight back. 

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