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The convention is over. I enjoyed Trump’s signature speech, and his acceptance of the nomination.

I was never a #NeverTrumper, and I never will.

I am voting for the Donald in November, rodeo clown antics be damned.

He has actually flexed some conservative muscle. I do not accept the conservative Cassandras who bewail the death of conservatism. They are acting more like Narcissus, just plain angry that their conservative did not win the nomination. I feel their pain (without the bottom lip-biting, though). Three of my conservative candidates did not earn the crown of nomination.

Does that diminish my choices or their campaigns? Not at all. The truth is, the party and its leadership were not listening to the dire concerns of the large swatch of citizens. The outrage with the Washington political class did not burst out all of a sudden, but simmered to its present boil following “a long train of abuses and usurpations.”

Bailouts, big wars with no wins in sight, plus insecure borders which benefited the well-connected few—all of it enraged people.

What bothered me so much then, and still rankles a little now, was how deeply the voting public dismissed and/or distrusted U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz was another one of the show-stopping convention speakers, with an astounding record.

He sacrificed the creature comforts for a federal legislator, calling out his colleagues on both sides of the aisle for not fighting enough, or for doing the bidding of wealthy donors instead of the widespread populace. He spoke the truth, charmed the crowds, fought to defund Obamacare while defending the Constitution.

As a candidate, he got too cozy with Trump in the early stages, convinced that “New York Values” would flame out and Cruz could gain the lead, then regain for the win. It was not to be. This raging, populist frustration would bat down sixteen incredible candidates, even he minor leaguers with more merit than any of the Democratic candidates.

Now to the Pledge.

Two of my conservative peers challenged me to look over the solemn oath, the promise which each Republican candidate made. Townhall’s very own Kurt Schlicter (a featured guest at my club the Beach Cities Republicans the same day as Trump’s acceptance speech) acknowledged his doubts about Cruz’s decision not to endorse Trump.

I respect that conflict. Republicans have to unite the party to win.

Marco Rubio was crystal clear in March:

“[T]he Democrats have two people left in the race. One of them is a socialist. America doesn't want to be a socialist country. If you want to be a socialist country, then move to a socialist country.

The other one is under FBI investigation … and anyone who lies to the families of victims who lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander- in-chief of the United States.”


So, Cruz chooses not to endorse Donald Trump. Guess what? Lots of Republicans are not too thrilled with their top ticket nominee. U.S. Senate incumbents are supporting him but with little more fanfare than “Congrats, now go away.” Others are staying silence (or just plain staying away). No formal endorsements or announcements on social media do not signal “#NeverTrump” either. Cruz can vote for the Donald with boldly declaring that everyone else in America should. I know that I will.

“But Cruz promised!”

Granted, a pledge is a pledge. Easy for you and me to say as much. How would you feel, though, about a man who trashed and maligned your family? We can speculate, sure …

And what was the pledge? Cruz said he would “support the nominee”, which meant no third-party run. Here’s the clip where he affirms his support.

But not “endorsement”.

At one time, Trump had renounced his pledge. Why hasn’t anyone brought this little (hypocritical?) tidbit to light? In March, just before the Wisconsin primary, Trump had made light of Cruz’s endorsement, stating that he doesn’t need the senator’s support. That is a fact. A candidate who crushes a consummate conservative by double-digits in a deep red state like Indiana (two months after Wisconsin) does not need any one endorsement going forward.

Also, Cruz began back-pedaling his resolve to endorse Donald as nominees during the same Wisconsin tow hall. By then, Trump viciously and gratuitously maligned his wife and his father. “That goes beyond the pale,” Cruz declared plainly.

And he was right.

The 2016 RNC Convention was rolling along fine. Some expected names did not appear (Bush, McCain, Romney), and other, highly-prized and favored speakers marked the wild and enthusiastic crowds. Then came Cruz. He rallied his fellow Republicans to fight for liberty and vote their conscience.

What’s wrong with that?

The boos followed, but I was cheering. Cruz chose wisely. His non-endorsement did not spring from bitterness or spite, but a just consequence for Trump’s wicked attacks. Unlike most politicians, who run away from stern even upset crowds, he submitted before the Texas delegation and explained clearly why he had refused to endorse Trump:

“I addressed the convention because Donald asked me to … he didn’t ask me to endorse, and I told him three days ago I was not going to endorse him.”

There was a clear understanding up front.

“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and who attack my father.”

Indeed. The lies were outrageous, unjustified, should not be rewarded with a “puppy dog” endorsement to follow. The oath to wife and family comes first.

Who cares how loud the boos were? Cruz retained integrity and dignity. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin mocked Cruz with “Delete his career.” Reminder: Palin the governor walked off the job without completing her first term: another pledge breaker!

Forget the critics. I endorse Ted Cruz’s decision not to endorse. Besides, Trump repeated that he didn’t need it, wouldn’t accept it—and then went back to attacking his father and wife—again!

Cruz’s decision is vindicated, and he awaits a glowing future.

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