Let Me Tell You What the Hell We’re Doing, Kasich!

Posted: Apr 13, 2016 12:01 AM
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I have good conservative friends of mine, in Torrance and throughout the country.

They are registered Republicans. They fight the good fight, both in their local cities and for their stat and federal officers, too.

Some of them are Kasich fans.

You know what? That’s fine. I am not a liberal loony totalitarian. They are allowed to stand by their views—however wrong they may be!—and I can fight for mine. 

So, with no reserve whatsoever, I will answer a question from John Kasich:

"What the hell are we doing in this country?"

Why did Kasich ask this question? Or rather, shout this surprising, shocking query?

He was talking about the recent passage of Mississippi’s HB 1523, legislation which would allow public servants and private businesses not to participate in certain activities which violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

What has happened in this country, that governments have to codify in clear language the rights outlined in our Constitution?

Let’s review.

According to the protections in the new Mississippi law, if a baker or any other business owner does not accept or agree with same-sex marriage, he would not be forced by the government to bake a cake and participate in that activity. Same holds true for photographers, florists, and the like. A free market is defined by freedom (Go figure!) Proprietors shouldn’t be forced to provide services which they find objectionable. This is America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

The governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, described in painstaking detail what this legislation did and did not do. The Daily Signal offered him a free platform to explain the law. This reform protects Christians from discrimination. Homosexuals who wanted to buy a birthday cake could still purchase an item without fear of reprisal or rejection because of their status.

Now, this movement to protect individual liberty and freedom of conscience should not shock anyone. Our country was founded by dissidents seeking to follow their conscience in peace, without fear of retribution from the government.

And yet Kasich found this restoration of individual liberty incomprehensible and unconscionable. One wonders if “President Kasich” will take his oath of office seriously on inauguration day. Then again, Kasich is operating under Common Core math, convinced that his abortive presidential campaign can eke out a brokered convention in his favor, despite having so few delegates that 100% victory in every remaining primary won’t help him, and fewer delegates to bargain for anything come July.

But Kasich has not stopped there.

He has routinely derided the fight for religious liberty in this country. “I’ve moved on,” he shrugged during one debate. On Face the Nation this past weekend, he wagged his hand in desperate frustration: “Why do we have to write a law every time we turn around in this country. Can’t we figure out just how to get along a little bit better and respect one another?”

If it were only that easy, Johnnie Boy! But from the bakers in Oregon to the farm owners in New York state, and the County Clerk in Kentucky forced into a jail cell over her beliefs, it is evident that a militant homosexual agenda is not respecting the rights and views of a key constituency in this country: Christians, conservatives, and just about anyone else who does not believe that marriage can be redefined outside of one man and one woman.

Forget his disputes over freedom of conscience. He even tosses aside the alarming concerns many communities—many states!—have over the encroaching transgenderism agenda.

Leaving off the Mississippi law, Kasich criticized North Carolina’s “groundbreaking legislation” (placed in quotes because it’s really common sense), which ensures that men go into the men’s room only, that women can go into restrooms for women only, and no one has to wonder if someone of the opposite sex is peeping (or video recording) them. Of course, Kasich was not raising alarm over the fact that government entities are treating gender dysphoria as a different identity, instead of a run-of-the-mill mental disorder. The governor of Ohio was taking offense at the North Carolina legislature! He even admitted that he would not sign similar legislation in his state.

Indeed, I have to ask the same question as Kasich: “What the hell is going on in this country?”

Why do legislatures have to explain basic biology and enforce clear demarcations in public facilities? Why do several states have to defy (through legal channels) the encroachment of the close-minded progressives in our federal government and universities?

Why do we have one presidential candidate committed to not facing the reality that the culture wars have just gotten more conflicted, and we need leadership to restore the full meaning of life, liberty, and limited government?

That’s what the hell is going on, Kasich. Get with it, or get out!