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It’s good to be in great conservative company.

Steve King, Steve Deace, and Rick Perry, Dana Rohrabacher, Tom McClintock: what do they all have in common?

They understand the threats—imminent and existential—posed by illegal immigration.

They vote against Big Government spending sprees, but support a common defense and promote the general welfare. Indeed, they regard the United States Constitution as a charter of clear and convincing mandates, not a bunch of ephemeral suggestions which the President can push aside with a phone and pen.

What else do they all have in common?

They choose Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.

I have so much respect for the above mentioned, that I would also vote for them to be President. Conservative, and consistently so.

The current front-runner has been burning up the polls, and for months.

 I would not call myself Trump-o-phobic, but he simply is not my first choice.

Yes, I want a great big wall along the Southern border, with a beautiful door in the middle. I want someone with some business savvy, who knows how to manipulate the media and expand the Republican brand. I want a President who has led more than a crowd of miscreants in Chicago.

But when the next President goes to Washington, I do not want him to move on “Let’s make a deal.”

With this trait in mind, let us recall that Donald announced following: “I’ll make deals with Democrats.”

Two words came to mind: “You’re Fired!”

I want the next President to stare down every Congressman, and every Senator (Republican and Democrat), take out the Constitution and declare: “This is the deal.”

Forget “The Apprentice” (and Scott Walker was right: we don’t need an apprentice in the White House). I am thinking more along the lines of “Deal or No Deal.”  (And no, I do not want Howie Mandel to run for Chief Executive.)

My fellow Americans, let us recognize that the presidency is not a game.

It’s not a pep rally. It’s not a high school football tournament.

It’s also more, so much more than a business venture.

Our country, and the values which America stands for—they are at stake. Understandably, Franklin Graham broke away from the GOP, and not just because they voted to keep funding Planned Murderhood.

This country needs revival or there will be no survival of the American Dream.

We need to take Graham’s latest pronouncements seriously: This country is very near the tipping point. We don’t have time for demagogues who boast: “I could shoot somebody and not lose votes.” Sorry, but leadership is about more than self. Would that we found a presidential contender like George Washington, who resisted the high calling of Chief Executive, yet took it.

So for me, the closest candidate that I know of who can fight with dignity, with foresight to tell the truth and guide the country. . . I choose Ted Cruz. He was not my first choice, only because I wanted the requisite executive experience of a governor. Yet his record in the US Senate and before that as Texas’ Solicitor General commands enough respect for me.

Even more people agree and have endorsed him.

Hopefully, more Americans will vote for him in the months to come.

He’s a fighter, holding onto his campaign war chest until now. Unlike other contenders, Cruz has pulled off the gloves and reminded everyone of Trump’s litany of liberal positions. From abortion to gay marriage, to gun control and even immigration, Trump has more 180s then a Harlem Globetrotter basketball. Don’t like my spin? Don’t blame me. I am putting more of Trump’s New York values on display.

And that last debate. Finally, someone pushed back at the real estate mogul. Trump met his match, and it was glorious!

More good news: like a frump, Donald Trump is going to dump the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses. He doesn’t like Megyn Kelly, and thinks that the Fox News moderators were unfair to him last August. Why would he complain? He gave one of the best lines at the first debate and came out stronger, at least on the surface. “Only Rosie O’Donnell. . .”

Then again, major news organizations rely on spurious polling and cut out good candidates from the first tier forums. At the last debate, Rand Paul failed to make the cut. Instead of throwing a pity party, Paul opened up his Twitter feed to questions from the national public and his supporters. He won the undercard by not playing at all.

So Trump won’t play because he thinks the playing field isn’t fair. Fine with me. His abrupt decision to jump the last debate will leave my favorite in first place on that stage.

You know who.

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