I Will Stand With Kim Davis

Posted: Sep 07, 2015 11:57 AM
I Will Stand With Kim Davis

I have written about the homo-fascist agenda for the past two years, although pastors like Charles McDowell and Pat Robertson have alerted this county for much longer. I listened then, but had no reason to worry or do anything about it, until now.

Last year, Washington Post conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer rightly called the radical gay agenda and destruction of reasoned opposition “fascist”, specifically after Mozilla-Firefox CEO had to step down for donating money to California Prop 8. Even here its rising tide in California is flooding out individual liberty and freedom of speech and conscience. In 2008, the majority of voters (even in the most Democratic of districts) voted to recognize the definition of natural marriage. How many years later, we witnessed a rogue Supreme Court overturn it. Today, because of the extra-legal juggernaut and the seeming turn of public opinion, some of my fellow California conservatives have been telling me “Pick your fights. Waging war on the radical gay progressives is a non-starter.” A respected academic, whom liberal colleagues had forced out then restored to his research position at UCLA, once told me: “Homosexuality is one of the most toxic issues out there. Don’t try to fight it right now.”

Pop Psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw had taught me otherwise: “When someone starts swinging their fists at you, you are in a fight, whether you choose it or not.” That fight is happening right now, and the unjust arrest and incarceration of Kentucky County clerk Kim Davis is the face of the new persecution.

Time is the essence, and we should have gotten angry sooner.

A well-connected contact in Rhode Island (already receiving death threats for investigating corruption) shared with me about “The Gay Mafia,” homosexuals’ intent on raping the public purse for private benefit. The nation’s most notorious mayor, Buddy Cianci of Providence, Rhode Island, forced firefighters to march in Gay Pride parades. Once again, “forced” if you missed already. To this day, a conservative Californian reminded me, my current governor has never marched in a Gay Pride parade, let alone forced anyone else to. Unfortunately, San Francisco’s youth may have to learn about “LGBT” issues, even though education in the Golden State has fallen so far below the state’s once golden standard. WaPo columnist George Will was right: We have sore winners, and they want to make their opposition sore if they fight back. The Gay Agenda is not gay, but tyrannical, an assault against life, liberty, and property, including the free pursuit of happiness (well-being based on individual choices and consequences, not an entitlement paid for forcibly by someone else).

This is wrong. This is immoral insanity, and like the bald-headed diet guru, it’s time to shout: “Stop the insanity!”

When the Supreme Court (which is not and never will be the Supreme Being) decided to overrule natural law (actually, it cannot and never will), I wrote: “ The SCOTUS setback over marriage does not mean the fight is over. The Supreme Court is not the final authority. We the People are.”

I received one nasty screed justifying the court’s unseemly overreach, but also a profound statement: “Thank you so much for this article! I have been downright depressed over this decision. Your column gives me hope.”

The following people and their conscientious objections are leading: Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, tens of thousands of protests in Mexico, US Senator Ted Cruz, US Senator Rand Paul, Governor Mike Huckabee, judges and clerks in North Carolina, and individual citizens throughout the country, give me hope, too.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could not have said it better: “The bottom line in America is we are a nation of laws,” the Presidential contender told The Blaze. “But part of those laws — in fact, the most important of those laws — is the Constitution. The Constitution is very clear about protecting freedom of religion, and the freedom to be able to practice religious beliefs in this country. I think it’s incredibly important those rights be protected in today’s society.”

The Bill of Rights are the essential contract for any branch of government. The Supreme Court has ruled contrary to spirit and letter of our founding charter before. Now is the time for civil disobedience. I stand with Kim, and I will be standing for her before my city council on Tuesday to demand greater recognition of her plight and demand respect for the rule of law, the highest of which is the Constitution.

Of course, this freedom fight has its detractors, many of whom tried to shame me into silence, claiming that I would have to permit a Muslim civil servant from granting driver’s licenses to female applicants. Yet like climate alarmists, the heated rage to treat homosexuality as an identity and thus a protected class is losing steam, and the rising populist push-back against judicial tyranny, regardless of individual preferences, has awakened many. Even libertarians , who have championed same-sex marriage, do not support its imposed state sponsorship.

I am taking this fight to my own city, too. A member of my city council, Tim Goodrich, has tried to hide his support for this agenda. Slowly but surely, conservatives in the city have exposed his true intentions – to win elections in a moderate, non-confrontational city then springboard into higher office to push a more aggressive, progressive agenda. My current Congressman, Ted Lieu, did precisely that, and now embraces one of the most leftist, pro-gay agendas of any sitting Congressman. Fortunately, we have stopped Goodrich’s Big Green push. Now I want to focus on wider concerns, like protecting the essential integrity of the family: natural marriage, which benefits all of us, whether married or unmarried.

Unlike some who have caved, I will not. Davis hasn’t. Mass Resistance didn’t. Let us heed Matt Barber’s exhortation and become one of millions like Kim , and declare to the world: “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.” I know and believe that more people will join me.