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The time has come for America to “make Agape Love”, not war. Love and communication God’s way will take us further towards victory. For example, the hyperbolic response to President Trump’s criticism of Democrats representation of urban America can’t hide their failure to liberate their own people from poverty. Emotional reactions and race card tactics can’t bury the truth: A major problem in inner-city America is urban blight.

Thankfully, President Trump sees America through the lenses of “one nation under God.” That vision is for all of us; regardless of political party loyalties.

When I met with President Trump Monday along with 20 inner-city pastors, he once again demonstrated his commitment to solving the problems facing the black community. This was a meeting that had already been scheduled three weeks earlier. As we talked, the President was as genuine, collaborative, and gracious with us as he has always been.

When President Trump tweeted about the sorry state of downtown Baltimore, he wasn’t just pointing out the obvious fact that Baltimore is a city in decay. He was highlighting the lamentable fact that Representative Elijah Cummings, whose district has received millions of dollars for relief, yet still includes some of the worst areas of that city, has chosen to attack the President by making false claims about conditions at ICE detention facilities while ignoring his own constituents in Baltimore who face deteriorating living conditions, increasing crime rates, and declining economic opportunity. 

While Rep. Cummings has chased national headlines instead of looking out for the interests of his constituents, President Trump has been following through on his promise to make the government work for the forgotten men and women of this country. These precious souls include the people of Baltimore, whose own representatives pass over their concerns in favor of shiny headlines. 

Don’t be fooled. The problem is not skin color. We are all one blood, one human race; regardless of skin color. The race card is a deceptive, socially engineered decoy; creating oppressors and victims. This misconception stirs the emotions while denying the much-needed transformation to civility, equality, justice, and freedom for everyone.

For years, Democrats have stoked racial anxieties to promote their elitist agenda, while black leadership and the Democratic Party isolate themselves from criticism by calling their opponents racist. Republicans, the party of abolition is often too silent, for fear of stepping on too many toes.

Under President Trump, this environment has reached a fever pitch: Democrats brand almost every action the President takes as racist while inventing secret motives and hidden dog-whistles in his policies and speeches. Meanwhile, Republicans are sometimes more passive-aggressive; remaining silent rather than speaking out.  

Thankfully, under the bold stances of President Trump, ubiquitous accusations of racism are beginning to lose their impact on the American public and the black community, even while the good old boys and girls continue to cry “wolf!”.

Meanwhile, Black Americans and indeed all Americans are seeing the light; that President Trump is right. We are all red-blooded Americans, and “we all bleed the same.” America is waking up to the fact that President Trump has delivered more results for our communities in less than three years than some of our own representatives ever have.

Now a growing number of black leaders on both sides of the isles are keen to work together with the President to accomplish even more.

From the years I have worked with President Trump on a personal level, I know there isn’t a racist bone in his body. The Donald Trump I know loves all of his fellow Americans. He sees and delivers and succeeds beyond the limits of skin color racism. He sees everyone as human beings; including babies in the womb.

What color is urban blight? More important, what color is transformation?  President Trump’s America First agenda is illuminated with light at the end of the tunnel.

He has already produced record-low African American unemployment, declining poverty rates, and rising wages, and his Opportunity Zones initiative is expanding economic opportunities for distressed communities all over the country. His campaign to Make America Great Again is advancing the interests of African Americans to a far greater extent than the policies of liberal elites ever could. 

Black Americans want more than to live as pawns in the Democrats’ identity politics game; we want real solutions. Talking about “structural racism” and “white privilege” is how Democrats try to deflect responsibility for the catastrophic decline of African American communities under their stewardship. It’s tragic that Baltimore is rodent-infested, dangerous, and filthy; and it’s insane to let the Party that has controlled the city for decades escape accountability by throwing around baseless accusations of racism. 

President Trump offers a new and better deal for African Americans. He is continuing to speak with community leaders to learn about the particular problems facing their constituents and has demonstrated unquestionable tenacity in fighting for the interests of all Americans. He does not demand ideological fealty as repayment, the way the Democrats do but rather works hard to protect American citizens regardless of the color of their skin solely because it’s the right thing for the country. 

African Americans cannot play second fiddle to Democrat leaders who have failed us for decades. They can scream and cry with false claims of racism, but they can’t hide the blight for which they are responsible. May God heal and bless America. However, at the end of the day, we must all rise above political squabbles on every side. Pray for America. 

Evangelist Alveda King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and daughter of King's younger brother, Rev. A. D. King. She is a prominent American author, pro-life and civil rights activist and minister. She is a Fox News channel contributor and once served as a Senior Fellow at the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, a Washington, D.C. think-tank. She is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives and the founder ofAlvedaKing Ministries.

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