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New Year’s Resolution for the Republican Party

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Yes, it is that time when people will start making New Year's resolutions. Of course, many will center around getting in better shape, which I do recommend. Others will dedicate themselves to other aspects of a better way of life. Down South we have a tradition of the first meal in the new year consisting of black-eyed peas for good luck and collard greens for prosperity. However, if we are to have success and prosperity for our constitutional republic, then we need the Republican Party to dedicate itself to one very vital, and important, resolution.


For those who were paying attention, we saw the days before Christmas once again evidence how the process in Washington, D.C. is broken. There is one thing that Congress is mandated by law to do, that is produce a budget. However, every year, this collection of so-called elected representatives fail to do that which law establishes; pass 12 appropriations bills to fund the operation of the federal government. So instead of following law, the Congress waits until the last minute. Instead of getting their business done by September 30th, they force a massive spending measure called an Omnibus bill...a gumbo of spending mess. This time $1.7 trillion, which will have to be borrowed. At a time of still-high inflation, the last thing America needs is increased government spending.

What could have stopped this folly would have been Senate Republicans, and some in the House, who resolved themselves to fiscal responsibility and following regular order. But, as we know, that did not happen, Republicans in the Senate caved, as usual. 

Going into this new year, perhaps the Republican Party can make a resolution to find a spine. It is painfully obvious that the progressive socialist left realizes that the Republican Party elected officials can just be pushed around and boxed into submission, utter capitulation. First, let's stop believing the empty threat of "government shutdown." The government never shuts down. Matter of fact, it may be a good thing to expose who and what is non-essential in the federal government; just like the government decided who in the private sector was essential during COVID. Sadly, the government always gives back pay when the "shutdown" ends. That does not happen for small businesses. They just go under.


Republicans must stop seeking to avoid confrontation with the progressive socialist left. Case in point, the leftists of the Biden administration have resolved themselves to undermine the sovereignty of the United States by violating the Constitution and opening up our borders. The two primary states affected are Texas and Arizona, both with Republican governors and majority legislatures. These states both have the Constitution of these United States on their side, yet over the past two years, nearly 5 million illegals have crossed into these respective states, and another 1 million are designated "got aways." So, why have we not seen definitive, resolute actions from the respective governors of these states to seal the border? 

In Arizona, they just capitulated to the federal government to stop placing boxcars along the border. This comes after Joe Biden admitted before traveling to Arizona that he was not going to the border because there were more important things. In Texas, we have seen half measures, optics, but still no sealing of the border. As Tucker Carlson last week asserted to the Texas governor, you would be president, a folk hero, if you took action.

There's a very glaring recalcitrance and reticence of the Republican Party to meet the progressive socialist left on the battlefield of political ideology and fight. And what is even more appalling is the GOP party establishment angst towards constitutional conservatives that do stand up, confront the left on principles, go on offense, and fight. To say that the Omnibus spending bill met Republican priorities, one has to ask, what are those priorities? The progressive socialist left in America, and their media allies, will continue their insidious assaults on our Constitution because they have been encouraged by the constant retreat and surrender of the Republican Party. Democrats when in minority are tenacious, in the majority they are tyrannical, and in both cases, Republicans just appease, compromise, negotiate, and ultimately capitulate.


The next two years are critical for our Republic, and if there is no principled, resolute, competent, courageous, loyal opposition to the incessant delusional and deranged leftism in America, the GOP political establishment will become irrelevant. There is no honor in allowing the destruction of our nation, just so you can have a political position. 

I enjoy going onto college campuses to speak on conservative issues because I will not cede ground to the left. It is time the Republican Party found, as we say in the military, intestinal fortitude, and stop with the empty excuses about why they give up. The left can only advance itself by intimidation, fearmongering, threats, coercion, and violence. The leftists are the real threats to our Republic and its representative democracy. If the GOP continues to allow the left to define them then Americans will look elsewhere for champions with the character, wisdom, discipline, discernment, and will to defend our Nation. 

I took an action once in my military career and when asked why I responded, "if it is about the safety and lives of my men, I would go through hell with a gasoline can." Well, I feel the very same way about defending my country, and its Constitution, against all enemies...foreign, and domestic!

Steadfast and Loyal.


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