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The Playground of Incompetents

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It is a fair and objective assessment to assert that the progressive socialist left -- aka the Democrat Party -- had a very bad week. In reviewing the recent candidate debates, one can only conclude that the left resembles a playground of incompetents. I will admit that it was cringeworthy to watch the debate between Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman. There can be no debate that the stroke suffered by Fetterman has had lasting effects. And, he was given all that was requested, including closed captioning. And he was even offered two rehearsals with the system. When asked the simple question about natural gas fracking . . . well, y'all saw the response.


It was not only the abysmal performance of Fetterman . . . there were displays of incompetence emanating from two sitting governors, Whitmer and Hochul. Both of these governors seemed incapable of articulating the issues with a coherent response. Now, of course, if you are a progressive socialist you are going to tell yourself, foolishly, that everything went well, and these candidates performed just fine. Instead of watching Fox News post-debate commentary, I drank down some Maalox, and Pepto Bismol, and took Rolaids as I watched the MSNBC commentary. Trust me, I needed every single one of those stomach remedies.

Not only were the debate performances embarrassing, some governors, like Katie Hobbs in Arizona, refused to debate at all. And there were other instances indicative of kids at recess. When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about inflation, she responded that we just need to change the subject. Change the subject to what, ma'am? The American people are suffering under this direct threat to their economic security because the kids in the playground of incompetents took 1.4 percent inflation up to 9.1 percent in less than two years . . . and it remains at a 40-year-high level.

Then there was Joe Biden who confused us all by stating that fees for main cabin extra rooms on airplanes are racist. Yes, being able to have access to a little extra room on an airplane adversely affects minorities. Hmm, I guess since showing a picture ID to vote is racist, then is showing a picture ID to fly racist as well? Unless you are an illegal immigrant on Air Biden, then you can show your arrest paperwork for being in the country illegally as proof of, well, non-citizenship. Biden tries to make us believe that he inherited $5 gasoline when he became president. Only incompetent buffoons, also known as "stuck on stupid," would believe that.


Can someone explain Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s dancing moves in the face of her constituents' concerns?

The explanation is simple: the left deals only with ideological rights and not the reality of constitutional rights. They take failed theories such as socialism, Marxism, and communism and try to fit these misshapen objects into a round hole. What would things look like in America if we had an objective press, and not a propagandized media that shields these incompetents? These leftist regimes can only thrive when they can control the information narrative. 

When thinking about leftist rulers, you do not find the brightest tools in the shed, just manipulative cults of personality who deliver emotionally based speeches. Hitler was just a Bavarian corporal. Fidel was an impassioned revolutionary. Maduro in Venezuela was a bus driver. The recipe is always to promise a utopia to those whom they make victims.

The sad reality here in America is that things were going kind of okay two years ago. Now, the Biden administration and the rest of the incompetent kids in the playground have brought an unconscionable level of pain upon the American people. I mean, the recent reports on the failing grade for our 4th and 5th graders in reading and math are appalling.

So, what must America do in this critical time? Do not be lured into the playground of incompetents. Stand up and be a responsible and competent adult. That means understanding your constitutional rights, and not falling into the emotional snare of leftism. We are facing high food and commodity prices, high gas prices, a wide-open border, an unstable world, a threat of nuclear engagement, rampant crime, and the usurpation of our parental rights and educational freedom.


All of this is intentional and purposeful; all because we have allowed the kids who never got picked to lure us into the playground of incompetents. Their positions and policies are indefensible and imbecilic. However, if we continue to cede electoral patronage to them, then we sadly get what we deserve.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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