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When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide -- Col. Allen West

I have shared the aforementioned quote often, mainly when addressing the scourge of Islamic jihadism and terrorism in the West. However, there is a clear and present reason to apply this same quote to present day America and the scourge of progressive socialism. 


Just this past week Joe Biden made the telling assertion that "those MAGA people are the most extreme political organization in the history of the United States." I would like to refute this absurd claim because when one considers the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa, those organizations easily win the title of the most extreme in US history. And the common denominator for these two organizations is that they were birthed by the Democrat party.

What Biden's words convey to us is that any dissension from the leftist progressive ideological agenda is deemed extreme. And therefore, they are setting up the usual Marxist, socialist, playbook of demonizing their opposition. This is supposedly the tolerant left and the President who spoke of unity. 

The left has shown that they will not tolerate anything that does not conform to their ideology—even when it relates to the highest court in the land.  When the Left cannot pass their radical agenda through the representative legislative process than they clamor for courts to ignore the Constitution and behave as judicial activists. 

When the Supreme Court decided 7-2 that based upon individual privacy a woman could murder an unborn child, the Left thought those seven white fellas were great.

Now, the Supreme Court has had a draft opinion leaked on the Roe V Wade decision and the Left has resorted to bullying, intimidation, vandalism, and threats to stop the Court from moving this matter to the duly elected representatives in the states. Unless you are ignorant of civics, there is a thing called judicial review, and previous decisions can be overturned when scrutinized against the US Constitution.


No conservatives leaked draft majority opinions when leftists ruled. No conservatives posted the addresses of leftist justices so that protests could be done at their homes. Yet, this is what we get from the Democrats, who are hell bent on using fear and even violence to advance their agenda. Progressive socialist leftists  are attacking churches, even on Mother’s Day, a clear violation of the first liberty in the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights, freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. 

Leftists don’t just hate religious liberty; they hate freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They have established a Disinformation Governance Board, within the Department of Homeland Security, a law enforcement agency. And based upon Biden's comments, dissension shall be deemed extreme, and the perpetrator an extremist, with potential punishment. Off to the DC Gulag? 

We already witnessed the attempt to designate parents speaking out at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. Yet, Antifa and BLM can assault individuals, burn down government and law enforcement buildings, and even establish a lawless autonomous zone within the United States. 

Just last week, one of the delusional commentators on The View stated that "Black Republican" was an oxymoron...she proved herself to be the true moron. Frederick Douglass was a Black Republican. Then again, the woke leftist mob tore down his statue in Rochester NY. The first Black members of the US House and Senate were Republicans. Here in Texas, the Republican Party of Texas was founded on July 4th 1867 by 150 Black men in Houston. And I was Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.


The progressive socialist left in America has proven that the Constitution, our history, our institutions mean little to nothing to them. They will not tolerate anything that does not align with their ideological agenda, which for them is their religion -- murdering unborn babies, indoctrinating school children in gender dysphoria and inappropriate sexual grooming, and climate change. 

So, why tolerate this anymore? I shall not. It is time constitutional conservatives find their backbone and go on offense. To the Republican party, it is time they realize that you cannot compromise with deranged, delusional, and abjectly dangerous individuals.

Americans, we cannot Live Free by being subjugated and fear mongered into being relegated to serfdom to leftists. We must never allow these Marxist, socialists, to have the reigns of political power again, and to control the levers. 

Just remember, this is the month of Memorial Day, and none of our Brave men and women made the last full measure of devotion for this woke, cancel culture, Marxist, progressive socialist nonsense. America is a Constitutional Republic with an electoral system based upon a representative democracy. The intolerant left is moving us toward a mobocracy rooted in violence and intolerance. 

Every American must get involved in taking back all areas of life from the socialists—schools, colleges, private sector companies, nonprofits, government agencies and elected offices. We need poll workers, poll watchers, candidates, advocates, and every single mom and dad to get involved in taking back schools. Fight back against the woke socialist mobs at the management and board levels of businesses and nonprofits. Take a stand against vaccine mandates at your place of employment by fighting back against the crisis tyrants who strip away our rights one by one using every “crisis” as an excuse. We’ve got a country to save. Let’s get to it.  


Steadfast and Loyal.

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