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Message in a Bottle for President Trump

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Y’all remember that song by The Police called “Message in a Bottle”, the closing refrain was sending out an SOS. I travel quite a bit and am often asked a recurring question, “if you could say anything to President Trump what would you say?”. That same question occurred again last week Friday evening in Hoffman Estates Illinois during the question and answer session of my presentation to the Illinois Family Institute. Now, one must be very aware of what you write or say when it comes to President Trump lest you find yourself being attacked, assailed, and denigrated by those who appear to just want blind cheerleading, or do not even read what you write.


I have previously written here at about President Trump lacking an ideological core. Some may deem that as being acceptable, not yours truly. A leader must have a fundamental, foundation, in order to provide guidance and leadership on critical issues. You cannot just abdicate your role, and vision, to the legislative branch. Now, in all fairness, I do see President Trump seeking to be more engaged in the tax reform issue, but we need to stop using the language of the left. My concern is that we do not need President Trump to resemble the biblical verse of James 1:8, “being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways”.

But, as I stated last week in the Chicago suburbs, here are the points of order that I would share with President Trump.

First, Mr. President, if Barack Obama had the chutzpah to commute the sentence of one Bradley Manning, a traitor that released over 700K pieces of classified information, you should take a like action. You need to pardon US Army 1LT Clint Lorance who is serving a twenty-year sentence for doing what Americans want a combat leader to do, kill the enemy. We have previously deployed our troops into these modern day combat zones and given them nebulous rules of engagement that lend the advantage to the enemy. We who have been in these current combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan recognize the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of this non-state, non-uniformed enemy. The fact LT Lorance did as well, and took an action, for which the Army withheld exculpatory evidence of gun residue on the unarmed, but killed enemy, is disturbing. So Mr. President, you lost an incredible opportunity, the day Manning was released,  Clint Lorance should have also gained freedom. And there are several other victims of the previous delusional rules of engagement who should also be released. Mr. President, if you can pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, certainly you can do the same here.


Second, Mr. President, why have you not signed an Executive Order designating the Muslim Brotherhood as an Islamic terrorist organization? There are member nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council that have indeed taken that action. Sir, I implore you to read the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum written in 1991 by Mohammed Akram and uncovered during a 2004 FBI raid on a home in Northern Virginia. The document lays out the strategic goals and objectives for a “civilizational jihad” in America, and lists the organizations to enable such. If there was EVER a real-world Trojan Horse that we are allowing full operating capability in our Nation, it is the Muslim Brotherhood. Who is preventing this executive order from happening? More importantly, why? We cannot defeat the global Islamic jihad if we are allowing it to thrive within our borders and have influence in our government, on our campuses, and in our society. This is not just about reducing the territorial integrity of the Islamic State, it is about denying the Islamic jihad any sanctuary…especially in America.

Third, Mr. President, you cannot be the one that allows Iranian regional hegemony in the Middle East. If you take credit for defeating the Islamic State and forcing them out of Mosul and Raqqa, you must also admit that it was made possible by our Kurdish allies. However, now the Iraqi Army, aided by Shiite militias, have turned on the Kurds and are attacking them with US military equipment, like M1 Abrams tanks. The Kurds have been staunch US supporters and now they are facing an onslaught from a Baghdad government controlled from Tehran. Matter of fact, it is Commander General Suelimani of the Iranian Quds Force, a designated terrorist organization who is leading the military assault against the Kurds. General Suleimani is supposed to be under UN sanction to not deploy outside of Iran, yet there he is in the vicinity of Kirkuk directing combat operations against the Kurds. Mr. President, the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) just had a referendum vote on independence, where do you stand on that? Where does your National Security Adviser stand on that is the real question? If you want a legacy in the Middle East, support the Kurds, go there to Irbil, and let the region know who America stands with. Turkey is led by an Islamist. Iran is led by crazed clerics. Iraq is a client state of Iran. Syria is a client state of Iran. Hezbollah is the Islamic terrorist proxy army of Iran. There is one chess move you can make to “trump”, pardon the pun, the Russian-Iranian axis that is forming. That window of opportunity is closing, you must take action.


Lastly, Mr. President, recently your Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out and told us about some lame apology from the IRS reference the targeting of conservative groups. We now know this did happen, as admitted by the IRS. An apology is not enough, there have to be consequences for leveraging the power of financial intimidation by a government agency against the American people. You said you were a law and order President, that you would drain the swamp. Lois Lerner is a swamp creature that is being paid a pension by the American taxpayer. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi, where they were abandoned to die. US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed as a result of Operation Fast and Furious…who is responsible, accountable? Constitutional Conservatives want a champion that will let the progressive socialist left know there are not two levels of justice. We want the Obama holdovers in your administration sent packing.

So now, I will put this message into the bottle and set it adrift, hoping it will reach you, Mr. President.

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