Marriage is Marriage - Period

Posted: Jun 07, 2012 11:25 AM
Marriage is Marriage - Period
In this life, a number of relationships are of great significance, such as the relationship between a customer and his banker, a patient and his doctor, or even a congregant and his pastor. These are important relationships-some of which produce near-familial emotions, binding people together at a deep, deep level.

And while all of these relationships are important, they are but proximate compared with the ultimate earthly relationship—and that is marriage.

In fact, among relationships, marriage stands out as the one which is absolutely essential to the future of humanity. Despite this inarguable fact, marriage is under assault. And while this assault is but one front in the battle against Western Civilization as a whole, it could prove the most crucial if we lose it.

The enemies of marriage, striking at it tooth and nail, are varied in their approaches.

Those who advocate homosexual behavior, bolstered by the president’s support for same-sex “marriage,” are actively seeking to redefine marriage from what it always has been to what they demand it should become, which is anything and nothing. And this entails the willingness of many such advocates " to invoke the authority of ancient pagan civilizations in which practices condemned by the Judeo-Christian ethic sometimes flourished.”

Against all evidence, empirical and otherwise, those who wish to redefine marriage contend that permanently depriving a child of a father or mother is just as good for children as providing them homes with a father and mother. They have elevated the idea of diversity to a point approaching sacrosanct, and in so doing, have trampled the unifying qualities of real marriage underfoot.

This assault on marriage is also being carried out by those contending for polygamy. However, the danger of these relationships was recently highlighted by the British Columbia Supreme Court, which ruled Canada’s laws against Polygamy " must remain in place because of the harm polygamist marriages would pose to children.”

Others pursue quasi-polygamy in hopes of escaping such prohibitions. This arrangement is one in which a man has numerous wives, yet he only recognizes one in a state-condoned, official marriage. All his other wives, whom he uses and abuses as he sees fit, are simply regarded as “spiritual spouses.” It’s a play on words, but the damage it causes to families is no less significant.

Against these and many other marriage deviations stands the genuine article—the union of one man and one woman. Established in a garden long ago, it is based on the complementariness of the male and female body to produce life and unity between a husband and wife, their offspring, and their Creator. This is marriage without hyphenations and qualifiers, where a mother and a father raise a family in the way mothers and fathers have been raising families since the dawn of time.

In other words, the marriage we defend and protect is just that—marriage.

Marriage is marriage, and nothing else is. And the future of humanity literally depends on it staying that way.