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Fighting for the lives of the unborn and the empowerment of their mothers against a billion-dollar industry can be exhausting. Every day is literally a fight between life and death and while the pro-life movement has had some wins, over 3,000 abortions are still happening every day in this nation. It’s intense. It’s emotional. And some days it can be disheartening. 


Today is not one of those days. 

Liberal Hollywood actress and activist, Alyssa Milano, has come up with a brilliant idea to promote her agenda of women having complete control over their bodies and of course, abortion access for everyone for any reason whatsoever: go on a sex strike

Her reasoning is that once men realize they won’t be getting the one thing they desire above all else - conjugal relations - then they will make sure no pro-life laws limiting abortion are passed. 

The thing is, Ms. Milano’s logic, to use the term liberally, benefits many other people whom she really doesn’t like. For one, if all her pro-choice followers stop having babies, then there will be less children raised in the liberal mindset while pro-lifers continue to have babies and raise up little pro-life warriors. 

For example, I worked at Planned Parenthood for nearly eight years, had two abortions, and had one child by the time I left the organization. My husband and I were unsure about having any more children, yet once I left Planned Parenthood and had a radical conversion of heart, we didn’t stop having babies. I’m currently due with baby number eight in a mere two weeks. My oldest child, a 12-year-old spunky girl full of life, can wipe the floor with any abortion supporter. 


Additionally, if less people are having sex who are fine with abortion, then there will be fewer unplanned pregnancies, which means less abortions. Then abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood won’t meet their abortion quotas and lose money, forcing them to cut back on services or even close. Such a great concept.

Alyssa Milano’s idea is also more than welcome in our nation’s schools. Her #SexStrike campaign will finally have positive effects across the country as administrators can re-brand abstinence education as “sex strike education.” Liberals should have zero problems with this. 

By teaching kids that they need to have absolute control over their bodies, that sex is something to be protected because it can produce one of the greatest gifts in the world - a baby, then Sex Strike Education is a wonderful way for liberals to get what they want in schools. It teaches self-respect, demonstrates that sex can equal a baby, and confirms what pro-lifers have been saying for years: that humans are not wild animals and we can control our sexual impulses. Sex is almost always a choice. Sounds like a winning combination. 


So today, a Hollywood actress finally gave the pro-life movement a morale boost. Keep talking, Alyssa Milano. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 

Abby Johnson is founder and director of And Then There Were None, author of “Unplanned” and “The Walls Are Talking”, and subject of the film, Unplanned, which was released in theaters Spring 2019.

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