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An undocumented teenager will be having a second-trimester abortion in Texas after a drawn-out court fight between the ACLU and the current administration, who has argued that there are two patients they are watching over. The ACLU and their allies in the abortion industry have argued the girl has every right to an abortion here in the United States and that the government cannot stop her. In fact, they must facilitate it, according to the latest court ruling.

This is appalling on so many levels. Planned Parenthood and their friends are all clamoring for this minor to have a dangerous second trimester abortion (the mother is between 15 and 16 weeks pregnant according to news reports). Celebrities have gotten involved in pushing for the abortion of a fully-formed unborn baby, even though the Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services have been taking care of every need both mother and baby have.

Think about this – the abortion industry and their buddies are thrilled for their big win, which is to allow the ending of an innocent life in a brutal way and pain and sorrow for the young mother.

Second trimester abortions are not a walk in the park as the abortionist does a surgical D&E (dilation and extraction). They are considerably more dangerous to the mother with risks including moderate to severe bleeding, infection, perforation of the uterus, blood clots, and even death.

The unborn baby is removed from the mother through the use forceps to grab body parts and pull them out of the uterus. It is a brutal and horrible procedure.

Yet the ACLU and the abortion industry have no problem publicly crying for this teenager to be able to go to an abortion clinic in the United States to have this procedure done. But it’s not just any abortion facility – the teen is more than likely having her abortion at a Whole Woman’s Health facility in southern Texas, a place which has had numerous health violations over the past several years and temporarily closed after passage of HB2 in the Texas legislature.

The Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas has been cited for a lack of RN or LVN (nurses) on staff, expired medications, rusty suction machines, and failing to sterilize abortion instruments.  In 2012, they were caught illegally dumping the bodies of aborted babies and were fined $83,000.

Whole Woman’s Health is a hotbed of nasty health violations. They even took their case against complying with normal health and safety regulations of other outpatient facilities all the way to the US Supreme Court – and won.

Meanwhile, no abortion organization spoke out against women having to go to unsafe and unclean abortion facilities in order to exercise their so-called constitutional right to an abortion.

Today, they would rather have a young woman entangled in a difficult situation have to go to court to be able to have a dangerous second trimester abortion at a disgusting abortion facility all in the name of ‘choice.’

This is hypocritical at best. The abortion industry could care less about the women that come to them for care – all they are interested in is the bottom line and making sure that abortion is legal--not even safe or rare, just legal.

It is a tragedy that this young teenager is going to lose her child today. It’s a tragedy she ended up as a pawn in the abortion industry’s game of power to force the government to make sure she has an abortion.

Abby is a former Planned Parenthood manager who now runs And Then There Were None, a ministry dedicated to help abortion workers leave their jobs.

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