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Capitol Voices

Georgians—As a Lifelong Democrat, I Implore You to Support Loeffler and Perdue

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File

I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I cannot stand by a party that is increasingly controlled by the radical-left and supports policies such as the defunding of police and tax hikes on working families. That’s why I supported President Donald Trump, and that’s why I’m supporting Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the January 5th Georgia runoff elections.


And let’s make one thing unequivocally clear—Georgians who are concerned about the integrity of the election process must come out in support of the Republican senators. We can both defend our election system and investigate fraud, while also coming out in support of candidates who will continue to fight for free, fair, and transparent elections. That’s why I’ve asked Stacey Abrams, who talks a big game when it comes to defending election integrity, to join me in calling for a full investigation of the Georgia November 2020 Election.

As President Donald Trump continues to pursue his legal options in the aftermath of an election filled with claims of fraud and other irregularities, many in the mainstream media continue to accuse him of denying reality and refuse to cover the very real problems that have arisen.

There is indeed an aura of unreality surrounding the post-election landscape, but it’s coming from the permanent Washington political class, not the president. After assuring us repeatedly that the president would suffer a landslide loss, the biased coastal elites were once again exposed as Trump garnered nearly 10 million more votes this year than in 2016.

But Donald Trump’s massive overperformance in the election isn’t the only thing the media is denying. They are deliberately blocking any real coverage of the massive voting irregularities that in fact took place, especially on and after Election Day.


Tens of millions of Americans who only consume news from the major legacy media outlets are being deprived of critical information about the full extent of the fraud allegations.  From the sudden cessation of vote counting on election night in battleground states to the driving out of Republican election observers in those same areas, very real questions remain. With reports of votes being cast in those same battleground states for people who died or moved to other states, it's incumbent on elected leaders in these states to fully investigate.

Everyday Americans are coming forward as witnesses, signing sworn affidavits, and attesting to fraudulent activity on Biden’s behalf but none of these facts are reaching average Americans when they view the legacy news outlets. By any normal standard, this continued media blackout of questions surrounding voter fraud remains a national disgrace.

Simply put, much of the American journalism establishment is doing the country a colossal disservice.

Having blocked most Americans from hearing about any of this, the media establishment is telling them not to believe a single word by the president or anyone else that speaks to the issues surrounding the 2020 election. In other words, they are lying through their teeth, while withholding the very information viewers need to recognize it.


The good news is that a majority of Americans clearly sense something is amiss.  According to one poll, nearly 70 percent of Republicans and 30 percent of Democrats question whether Biden actually did receive more votes than Trump.

I am calling on my fellow Georgians, and ALL Americans, to continue to fight and speak out against voter fraud and efforts by the left to tear down ballot security measures to protect our Democracy for our children and our children’s children.

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