U.S. Inflation and Reliance on Russia Are Symbolic of Biden’s Domestic and International Failures

Posted: Mar 15, 2022 12:01 AM
U.S. Inflation and Reliance on Russia Are Symbolic of Biden’s Domestic and International Failures

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

While inflation continues to decimate the United States economy, the Biden Administration perpetuates our reliance on Russia.

Inflation persists because of two main factors, the devaluation of the U.S. dollar and the scarcity in oil and gas created by the Biden Administration’s policies.

In the meantime, while claiming to be tough on Russia through numerous sanctions, particularly through the prohibition of U.S. importation of Russian oil, Biden entangles us more deeply with the Russian bear.

U.S. inflation and reliance on Russia are related, and quite frankly, symbolic of Biden’s domestic and international failures.

Biden’s policies assured that we wouldn’t have enough oil and gas to run our economy. That caused prices to rise, not just on gas at the pump, but on all items that have to be transported and all petroleum-based products. 

Within hours of taking control of the Oval Office, Biden set about to keep his campaign promise to, “… get rid of fossil fuels.” He imposed orders restricting drilling and exploration in certain areas of the country and killed the Keystone XL pipeline project. Biden also pulled U.S. support for the EastMed pipeline.

Buttressing the inflationary pressure was the $1.5 Trillion “COVID relief package” championed by Biden and passed by his minions in Congress a year ago. 

As observers noted, previous relief dollars had yet to be expended and that pouring that many dollars into the economy would produce inflation as the value of our dollars decreased.

They were right. Oil and gas scarcity, and Biden’s reckless spending, have produced the inflation we were warned about.

In the meantime, Biden’s insistence that we create a new agreement on nukes with Iran, and restore funds that had been frozen to that regime, is being negotiated not by skilled U.S. diplomats and negotiators, Russia is mediating. While we are attacking them economically, Biden expects them to protect U.S. interests? 

Further, the Biden team has determined that it would rather fund Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through the backdoor instead of the front door.

Spending more than $70 million a day to import Russian oil into the United States, while providing hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, gave the impression that America was immorally funding both sides of this war.

So, Biden decided to prohibit importation of Russian oil. Of course, the sanction doesn’t immediately apply and gives Biden authority to waive the prohibition. 

Ostensibly, Biden has shut the front door of U.S. funding of the Russian side of the war.

Realizing that Americans will not tolerate for long the stratospheric rise of gas, Biden is engaged in finding gas anywhere else in the world, but the United States.

He apparently has approached Iran (see above) and Venezuela. 

If he goes with these two nations to backfill America’s needs, the dollars to those nations will be funneled to Russia as Iran and Venezuela are client states of Russia.

That would be funding Russia’s side of the war through the backdoor.

And, frankly, since those on Biden’s team have suggested that Americans respond to the high cost of gas by buying electric vehicles-only from unionized manufacturers, the terrible domestic and international policies emitting from the Biden White House will continue.