It’s Time to Put More Freedom in the Hands of the American People. It’s the Only Thing That Will Save Us.

Posted: May 14, 2020 12:01 AM
It’s Time to Put More Freedom in the Hands of the American People. It’s the Only Thing That Will Save Us.

Source: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Americans are the most resilient, creative, energetic, determined, persistent, and hardworking people. No job is too tough. If there is a problem we will solve it. If for some reason we can’t solve it, we will build a work-around.

This may seem like boasting or even platitudinous, but in reality, it is the truth. Our history is one of moving forward.

Our foundation has always been faith, family and freedom. Our imperfections have been transformed and overcome even though we are not perfected. We always focus on progress—without adopting the Leftist progressive dogma.

At our founding, we believed that all persons were created by God, and thus, equal before Him and equal before the law. For most Americans, this is still a bedrock belief.

We also understood that our beings were infused with rights given by that same God, and recognized in our foundational documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

In order to be the problem solvers, the vanguard of opportunity, and the light upon the hill that is a beacon to all aspiration of success, however one defines it, we have recognized that personal, individual liberty is necessary.

During the coronavirus outbreak, some elected officials have assumed that their positions came with great power. They have wielded that power antithetically to the essence of our American heritage. They have shrouded our light of freedom. Now we must move ahead in darkness, relying on the shadowed glow of that light until we are released from their stranglehold and can remove the covering.

Our rights have become memories. Our unity as a nation, always fragile because the freedom to dissent has been guarded as a rare gem, is ready to shatter.

Governors, mayors, and bureaucrats command us to stay in our homes. They urge neighbors to spy on one another, and inform the authorities should you take a stroll in the neighborhood, play with your kids, or visit a relative.

Those who believe they have power further divide the country by using the top-down approach of natural selection. They tell us who is essential and who is not. In the past, each person in America was essential, and our communities would determine which businesses would thrive, and those that would not, by allowing everyone to make choices.

No one elected to public service in our country has power. Many elected officials believe in their own superiority, however. Our representative republic recognizes that the sovereignty resides in the people. Elected officials merely have the authority to govern delegated to them by the people, and constrained by the Constitution.

I trust the American People!

Americans are used to being free. To be the great problem solvers we have always been, we need to be free. To be the strong, vibrant nation that is the light of freedom that shines for the world, we need our leaders to respect our rights.

I am confident that Americans understand that freedom comes with responsibility. Some will forget that, just as some elected officials have forgotten that they are representatives of a constituency, not autocrats.

We will protect the most vulnerable populations and their caregivers.

In order to invent, prosper, and fulfill the measure of our creation, we need space and opportunity.

Our leaders need to put the taste and addiction to power behind us. America’s communities need to be open. We must inspire faith and hope, not fear and despair.

Our freedom will be our strength. Centralizing power will be our weakness.

Our people have the power. Their demands to open up American society must be satisfied. As we do so, our economy will be restored; people who aren’t getting the medical care they need will have access to medicine and treatment; and children who are locked out of schools can continue their education.

It is past time. Unlock the chains that are binding us, and America will demonstrate freedom’s force.

The solution to our problem is not more power in the hands of government, but more freedom in the hands of the American people.