The man police say they caught jumping a fence at the White House is set to undergo a mental evaluation. CBS 2's Craig Boswell reports.

NYC Doctor Rode Subway Before Testing Positive for Ebola at Bellevue
  • Fri, October 24, 2014

A New York doctor has become the first person in the city to test positive for Ebola, developing the illness weeks after treating patients of the deadly disease in West Africa.

Is Tragedy in Ottawa Linked to ISIS?
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

Mark Steyn, Col. Peters react to shooting in Canada.

Chuck Norris Hits Campaign Trail for Texas GOP Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

Chuck Norris is well known as the tough guy of Texas... ...and he's using his campaigning muscle to pursuade Texans to vote for GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott on November 4th.

Washington’s Worst Waste: $25B for Political Perks
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

Senator Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican, has released his 2014 Wastebook chronicling the worst examples of wasted taxpayer money in Washington. Bloombergs Yang Yang breaks down the entries on In The Loop.

Christie: I’m Tired of Hearing About Minimum Wage
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

Bloomberg Money Clip Host Olivia Sterns reports on New Jersey Governor Chris Christies comments on the minimum wage.

Sen. Cruz: Dems May Hold Senate
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

When asked for his 2014 Senate outlook, Senator Ted Cruz expressed optimism that Republicans would win the majority by picking up 10 or more seats. But he also held open the possibility that close races could break against the GOP, netting them as few as three seats and allowing Democrats to keep control of the Senate.

WH to Reporters Asking About Green Card 'Paper' Supplies Order: 'This is Crazy'
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest fielded questions from reporters Wednesday about a large order of "green paper" by government agencies to create green cards. Reporters asked the White House if the office supply order was related to an upcoming Executive Order expected by the President after election to act on immigration policies. After multiple attempts by the press, Earnest said it was "crazy" to assume the White House was directly involved in office supply orders.

White House Jumper Kicks Dog After Scaling Fence
  • Thu, October 23, 2014

Fence jumper caught outside White House.

New Evidence in the Racially Charged Ferguson Murder Case
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

Bill O'Reilly breaks down the new evidence in the Michael Brown murder case.

Runaway Denver Teens Investigated For Terror Group Link
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

The FBI stops Colorado teens from going to Syria on ISIS involvement suspicion.

Conservatives and Liberals Agree on One Media Outlet
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

Out of 36 news cites only The Wall Street Journal came back as being voted "more trusted than distrusted" by both conservatives and liberals.

Kay Hagan, Cory Gardner Lead in Close Senate races
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

With two weeks to go until election day, left-leaning pollster Public Policy Polling released the results of two new surveys Tuesday, with two different results.

The Ebola Panic Is Real (for Democrats)
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

Bill Clinton does a little blame gamin', while Ebola becomes a force to be reckoned with for the Democratic Party.

White House Confirms Release of U.S. Citizen From North Korea
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters on Tuesday (October 21) that the United States welcomed Jeffrey Fowle's release.

New York Bans Gun Ownership for 34K Without Due Process
  • Wed, October 22, 2014

Cam Edwards talks to Jazz Shaw, who wrote this article for Hot Air:

Greg Abbott Extends Lead in Texas Governor Race
  • Tue, October 21, 2014

Republican Greg Abbott is pulling away from Democrat Wendy Davis in the race to replace Rick Perry as Governor of Texas.