Guest blog post by Nicholas Freiling

Two days ago, a federal judge upheld a California state law requiring citizens to have a good enough "reason" (up to police discretion), such as a safety threat, before being given a concealed weapons permit.

But now, as if regulating real firearms wasn’t enough, the liberal California state-legislature is trying to regulate the production of BB guns. The Visalia Times-Delta reports:

"California Senate Bill 798 has made it over two hurdles — a Public Safety Committee vote in March and a vote last week by state senators — and now heads to the Assembly, where it will be scrutinized and argued.

The bill, if approved, would require all imitation guns to be painted a bright yellow, blue, pink or orange or made translucent.

The bill was proposed by state Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, and inspired after a boy was shot in Los Angeles in December, after police mistook his BB gun for a deadly firearm."

Yes, the death of the Los Angeles boy is heart-breaking. But is the extension of the law to require BB guns to be painted really going to get at the heart of this problem?

I can see it now: "California police officer shot after mistaking man’s bright pink rifle for toy gun…"

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