Kevin Glass

Posted March 02, 2015

While at the State Department, former U.S. senator and possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not use a government email address, corresponding almost entirely via a personal email account - a blatant violation of government rules and possibly a dangerous security breach.

Posted March 01, 2015

Media Matters has been obsessed with Fox News for a long time. But their campaign to sink to new lows has reached new heights.

Posted February 28, 2015

The Obama White House has spent weeks in panic over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's appearance before Congress this coming week.

Posted February 26, 2015

Sen. Mike Lee helped open up CPAC 2015, taking the stage before 9 AM on the first full day of the conference, to tell the assembled crowd of conservative activists to support potential presidential candidates who have positive, specific messages, and to beware of those who speak in platitudes.

Posted February 23, 2015

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in King v. Burwell, the case that challenges the legality of subsidies on health exchanges set up by the federal government rather than the individual states.

Posted February 22, 2015

It remains to be seen if the Obama Administration increases its response to Russia or keeps taking a laissez-faire attitude to Putin's aggressive international expansionism.

Posted February 20, 2015

In the 1990s, politicians were falling over themselves to combat the epidemic of violent crime in America.

Posted February 16, 2015

Late last week, Utah legislators passed a bill that would bring back execution by firing squad for capital crimes in the state.

Posted February 15, 2015

There is a broad movement in Congress right now to give beermakers across the country a fairly large tax break. But there's also a pretty big fight over how large and what the best tax break policy is.

Posted February 13, 2015

The 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, passed in the wake of the September 11 attacks on the United States, has allowed the President to conduct counterterrorism operations overseas. Long derided as overbroad (yet still used by President Obama to justify questionable foreign decisions) by opponents, two Democrats now want to repeal it.

Posted February 07, 2015

Over the last few years, the Republican Congress and Barack Obama have done a decent job of bringing down the immense deficits created by the recession and the President Obama's own response to it.

Posted February 06, 2015

It's the first Friday of the month, which means that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has put out the federal government's estimate of the employment situation over the past month.

Posted February 01, 2015

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has received plaudits from across the conservative spectrum and, a new poll shows, surged to a strong standing as the race for 2016 heats up.

Posted February 01, 2015

The Super Bowl will be played tonight in the beautiful University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Enjoy the game, because you're paying for it.

Posted January 31, 2015

Civil forfeiture. Sentencing reform. Felon voting. These are all largely unsexy issues that don't particularly strike the chords of grassroots conservatives.

Posted January 31, 2015

Uber - the app-based private car service - and other ridesharing operations have been in constant political struggles with incumbent taxi operators across the country and across the world. But a hidden benefit may have emerged - the prevalence of Uber might lead to decreased road fatalities, because it means fewer people are driving drunk.

Posted January 25, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is on tour in the west promoting a constitutional balanced budget amendment - but before you make any presumptions, the former GOP-nomination-chaser says it isn't about 2016.

Posted January 23, 2015

It would be a match made in heaven.

Posted January 23, 2015

Only 12 days into 2015's legislative session in the Senate, Mitch McConnell's reforms to better operate the Senate have taken effect.

Posted January 17, 2015

"Waste, fraud, and abuse." It's the most popular target for DC politicians who want to talk about cutting government spending but don't want to actually cut any programs.