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Students for Concealed Carry, an organization made up of thousands of students and professors, is holding it's third annual conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Tuesday from 12-4:30 p.m.

The goal of the conference is to provide attendees with "intellectual ammunition and hands on tools" to enable students, professors and parents to make a tangible difference in the ongoing carry debate on campuses all over the country. Currently nine states allow concealed carry on campus, but the vast majority of universities in those states still ban students from carrying firearms for self-defense due to gun free zone policies. As a result, students are more at risk to be victims of crime.

The conference will feature academics, law enforcement officers, self-defense trainers and victims of sexual assault and stalking. Nikki Goesar, whose husband was killed in front of her by a stalker (her firearm was in the car when the incident occurred due to a no carry in restaurants law), will participate in a panel discussion. John Lott, author of More Guns Less Crime, will also participate in the conference.

The conference comes one week after the Washington D.C. total carry ban was struck down by a federal judge for being unconstitutional. Shortly after the ruling, a 90-day stay was issued.

Katie Pavlich

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