Katie Pavlich
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Last night Bill O'Reilly aired part two of his pre-Superbowl interview with President Obama (see part one here). In the first round of questioning, O'Reilly asked about Benghazi, Obamacare and the IRS. In the second round, O'Reilly asked the President if he thinks The Factor, and Fox News in general, are unfair to him and if so, how? After being repeatedly pressed for an answer, Obama cited questions about Obamacare, the IRS scandal and Benghazi as "unfair."

Obama: We just went through an interview in which you asked about Healthcare not working, the IRS being wholly corrupt and Benghazi, right, so the list of issues you like to talk about...
O'Reilly: But these are unanswered questions.
Obama: But they are defined by you guys in a certain way.

The silver lining of the interview came at the beginning when Obama and O'Reilly agreed that the breakdown of the family is destroying the future of children and the economy. Despite calling for the streamlining of construction jobs in last week's State of the Union Address, Obama pushed aside assumptions he will be green lighting the Keystone Pipeline project. A recent report showed the project won't have a negative impact on the environment.

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Katie Pavlich

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