Katie Pavlich
Last night on Fox News' Hannity, bestselling author and columnist Michelle Malkin torched race hustler Al Sharpton for his continuing vitriol and desperate clinging to relevancy through racial divisiveness. Malkin argued conservatives have been far too nice to people like Sharpton over the years in their efforts to have an honest conversation about race.

"How do you expect an ounce of honor from a man who doesn't have it?"

"This guy is a shakedown artist who hates cops, who hates whites, who hates Jews, who has stoked his rent-a-mob."

"The National Action Network is nothing but a shakedown vehicle to buy legitimacy."

Your move, MSNBC.

Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich is the Editor at Townhall.com. Follow her on Twitter @katiepavlich. She is a New York Times Best Selling author. Her latest book Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women, was published on July 8, 2014.