Katie Pavlich

Pro-abortion Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is gearing up for a national debate about late-term abortion as Republican Senator Marco Rubio readies a bill banning abortions after five months of pregnancy. Predictably, Boxer and Democrats like her are accusing the GOP of being "extreme."

Senate Democrats on Wednesday sharply criticized a House-passed bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, disparaging it as an “extreme and dangerous” attack on women’s health.

“Republicans clearly didn’t learn anything from the 2012 election when voters rejected their war on women and asked us to focus on making their lives better. Americans want us to go back to work, not to go back to the last century,” said Boxer.

As a reminder, Boxer not only supports late-term abortion, but partial birth abortion. During a debate about the partial birth abortion ban of 1999, Boxer argued in a debate with former Senator Rick Santorum that a baby doesn't have constitutional rights until a mother brings a baby home from the hospital. Boxer also argued that so long as the head of a baby is still inside the mother, a woman should have the ability to kill abort it because it isn't "born" yet (but yes, please keep saying the GOP is extreme).

Katie Pavlich

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