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As Guy already covered, there are all sorts of questions popping up from both Democrats and Republicans about President Obama's move to delay the Obamacare mandate for employers until after the 2014 elections. After all, Obamacare is the law and does the President really have the power to enforce the laws when and how he chooses? No.

Regardless, in reaction to the employer mandate being "delayed," House Republicans are planning to vote on delaying the Obamacare mandate for individuals as well.

Congressional Republicans are pushing for a vote on delaying the ObamaCare requirement that individuals buy health insurance or pay a hefty fine.

The move comes in response to the administration's abrupt decision to delay a similar requirement for businesses.

Last week, the administration delayed until 2015 a requirement that businesses with 50 or more workers provide health insurance for their employees. While Republicans pointed to the delay as a sign of the broader problems with the law, they also questioned whether the delay would put an even greater burden on families -- who would still be required to obtain health insurance on their own or face a fine.

House Speaker John Boehner and other top GOP leaders this week urged the administration to delay the individual mandate as well. Separately, lawmakers are planning for a possible vote on the issue.

It's only fair to delay the individual mandate in addition to the employer mandate. Why is Obama, the "man of the poor and middle class," willing to give big corporations and business a break while he hoses the little guy with new Obamacare taxes? Because the administration wants individuals who receive healthcare through their employer to be pushed onto government exchanges.

Katie Pavlich

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