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President Obama just wrapped up his press conference with Vice President Joe Biden announcing a new gun control task force. Obama said although "no law will prevent every senseless act," the country cannot sit back and do nothing in the wake of the tragedy in Sandy Hook last week. The President said he will be taking gun control proposals collected by Biden until January. In the new Congress, he vowed to use all the powers of his office to put chosen proposals into place. Obama said he needed the help of Congress on this issue, but rumors in Washington point to the use of executive orders and the Department of Justice to ram through new gun control measures.

“I will use all the powers of this office aimed at preventing tragedies like this,” Obama said.

So far, Obama is suggesting a ban on semi-automatic weapons or what he calls "assault" weapons, background checks for all gun purchases and the ban of high capacity magazines. During his remarks, Obama admitted the vast majority of gun owners are safe and responsible yet pushed for more regulation and legislation on those people anyway.

ABC News reporter Jake Tapper questioned the timing of Obama’s push for more gun control, pointing out many tragedies have occurred in the past four years and that political calculations were made by Obama and his staff not to discuss gun control.

“Where have you been?” Tapper asked.

Obama responded by saying he has been busy dealing with “the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression” and that he "hasn't been on vacation."

The President is expected to push for gun control measures in his inaugural address and State of the Union address early next year.

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