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Shortly after accepting the Democratic Party nomination for vice president Thursday night in Charlotte, Joe Biden tore into the Romney campaign while trying to paint President Obama as a leader.

"Four years ago, our nation turned away from the failed policies from the past and turned to a leader,” he said. “I know him and I want to show you the character of a leader.....a leader who has what it takes to lead us into the next four years, into a future as great as our people.”

Biden accused Romney/Ryan of "betting against the American people," while touting the "success" of the auto bailout. Biden failed to mention the $46 billion General Motors owes the American taxpayer. He also did his best to sell a second Obama term to the American people.

FLASHBACK to Biden at DNC 2008:

Like millions of Americans, they're asking questions as -- as ordinary as they are profound, questions they never, ever thought they'd have to ask themselves. Should Mom move in with us now that -- now that Dad's gone? Fifty, sixty, seventy dollars just to fill up the gas tank, how in God's name, with winter coming, how are we going to heat the home? Another year, no raise. Did you hear -- did you hear they may be cutting our health care at the company? Now -- now we owe more money on our home than our home is worth.

And some figures:

Gallon of gas when Obama took office: $1.84, now $3.84

Average median income when Obama took office: $54,000, now $50,000

Unemployment when Obama took office: 7.8%, now 8.3%

Things are worse in America now than they were when Obama took office. Obama hasn't been the leader Biden claimed and America is still struggling.

Katie Pavlich

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