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Civility. A Romney supporter was spit on tonight by 83-year-old protestor Mary Hoglund during a Romney campaign event tonight in Wisconsin. The incident occurred during a presentation given my Rep. Alberta Darling. 

Remember when progressives accused Tea Partiers of spitting on member of the Congressional Black Caucus without any evidence? Remember when they accused Tea Partiers of hurling the N-word 15 times at CBC members?


This is just another example of the left doing exactly what they accuse the other side, without evidence, of doing. Let's not forget the vile history of protestors in Wisconsin. Remember when protestors saluted to Governor Scott Walker as if he were Hitler? Remember when protestors vandalized the state Capitol, causing millions of dollars in damage? Where are the civility police? Oh wait, they're busy lecturing conservatives, who leave rally sites cleaner than they were when they arrived, to "tone down the rhetoric."

The Romney campaign has issued a response:

"These childish “debate tactics” are apparently what the left will reduce itself too while Gov. Romney and Paul Ryan continue unrolling their plan to get America working again."

Katie Pavlich

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