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HOUSTON, TX- Judicial Watch is the largest non-profit government watchdog group in the country with a mission dedicated to prosecuting corruption. Headed by President Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch is armed and ready for election 2012 and the upcoming battle against voter fraud.

Since the Obama administration came to power in 2009, Judicial Watch has filed more than 300 Freedom of Information Act requests with the Obama Administration.

“It’s about time they are afraid of us,” Fitton said. “We just seek to enforce the law.”

The Obama administration is no stranger to scandals; Fast and Furious, Solyndra, GSA, Secret Service, Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case, etc. but Fitton warned attendees of the National True the Vote Summit Saturday that Americans shouldn’t assume that because there’s a topic in the news that people are interested in it and actually investigating it.

“Effective oversight isn’t coming in afterward,” Fitton said. “Effective oversight is stopping it [before it starts].”

As I wrote last night, it is clear the Obama Justice Department is out of control, but we haven’t seen everything yet.

“I’m not being over the top here, I fear the Obama gang is setting themselves up to steal the elections if possible,” Fitton said.  “The most problematic area here is the Justice Department.”

Project Vote and ACORN have not gone away, they’ve just been splintered and renamed. On top of still being in existence, even after Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe proved the group was willing to help with the sex trafficking of underage girls, the Obama Justice Department is working directly with these groups in an effort to steal the White House.

“The Justice Department isn’t being run by political appointees, it’s being run by outside activists,” Fitton said. “This attorney general is the most partisan hack we’ve had in office since Richard Nixon’s day.”

These same activists are pressuring states on their voter registration and voter I.D. laws and are working hand-in-hand with the Justice Department to sue those states.

Fitton also warned of Obama’s goals for amnesty and opposition to citizenship verification at the polls. Illegal immigrants voting in states that do not have voter I.D. laws or voter registration verification, is a serious problem.

“This is not about the Hispanic vote, this about the illegal alien vote. This is a serious threat to the integrity of our elections,” Fitton said.

Despite these facts, the Obama machine isn’t going to take November without a fight or accountability.

“If this administration thinks they’re going to sneak their way into office, we’re going to be there yelling at them, at least,” Fitton said.

Katie Pavlich

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