Katie Pavlich
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MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell is in Cuba this week as the Supreme Court of the United States hears arguments for and against government run healthcare. Part of Mitchell's coverage in the communist country includes the Cuban healthcare system where wait times are long, care is limited, good care is only for the rich and medical facilities are unsanitary. Regardless, Mitchell referred to the Cuban system as "highly regarded."

Notice how the doctor in the clip said, "You sometimes have to change your own bed sheets."

Click here for shocking photos from Cuba's medical facilities:

Liberals pushing for free health care often site Fidel Castro's fiefdom as evidence of how to do it right. Problem is, foreign leaders, celebrities, patients and media are shown only the good stuff that is maintained for PR purposes and for the Cuban elite.

Humberto Fontova wrote about this for us in "Cuba's Free and Fabulous Health Care." If you haven't read it, please do -- it is a great tutorial on the truth about Fidel's glorious hospitals.

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Katie Pavlich

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