Katie Pavlich
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President Obama's chief campaign advisor David Axelrod recently joked about voter fraud in both his and Obama's favorite city of corruption, Chicago. Click on the following image to watch.

Chuck Todd: "You only vote once now in Chicago, right? There's no more of this vote early and often anymore, right?"

David Axelrod: "Well, certainly on the air, but no. Absolutely. Every vote counts and you only get one."


At a time when Attorney General Eric Holder is slapping down state voter i.d. laws left and right, you can bet voter fraud will be a major problem come November. Afterall, we've already seen millions of dead people registered to vote throughout America, clones voting in Vermont, dead democrats voting in New Hampshire and rampant voter fraud in Texas. You can be sure David Axelrod wasn't really joking about voting once.

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Katie Pavlich

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