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As Guy reported over the weekend, Herman Cain dominated the Florida Straw Poll with 37 percent of the vote from 2,657 delegates. Cain has been supported by the tea party since day one, and continues to enjoy strong tea party support. He also did very well in Thursday's debate.

Yet, attendents at last week's Congressional Black Caucus Annual Conference made it clear they still believe the tea party is racist. One woman said black tea partiers like Herman Cain and Allen West should, "really go to hell," while another said people like West and Cain are called, "Oreos, black on the outside, white on the inside."

From Dan Joseph at Media Research Center:

Common sense would dictate that Obama's election would put to rest the myth that America was a nation in which racism flourished. Instead, for the last three years, any policy disagreement with Obama coming from the Tea Party or other groups or individuals who publicly state a different point of view has been deemed as racially motivated by some.

MRCTV took its cameras to the Congressional Black Caucus's Annual Conference and asked some of its attendees, whether they viewed the Tea Party as "racist." They all did. Every single one of them that we interviewed. Yet, when asked to give examples of outward expressions of racism coming from the Tea Party over the past few years, they couldn't point to one. The best they could do was point to an instance of racism that someone told them had occurred, but which no one could prove actually happened.

Great job, MRC.

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