Katie Pavlich

Yesterday I brought you the story of the federal raid on Gibson Guitar Company. Last night, Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz called into NRANews Radio's Cam and Company and spoke with host Cam Edwards about how his company is being unfairly targeted. Cam brings up the possibility that this may be a political witch hunt based on political donations made to republicans rather than democrats by the company.

"I believe that these guys are out to get us."

Juszkiewicz says that 20 heavily armed officers from the Fish and Wildlife Service and Homeland Security stormed his factories. Since when do we  heavily arm officers from the Fish and Wildlife Service? Juszkiewicz also explains how Gibson guitar owners must fill out multiple forms of paperwork to prove the material used to build the guitar is legal. Yes, the federal government is now worried about unregistered guitars floating around in the market place. 


Katie Pavlich

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