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In a fairy tale come true event, The House Inc., a non-profit youth leadership organization, hosted its 6th Annual Cinderella Ball at the famous Willard Hotel in Washington D.C., just down the street from the White House over the weekend.

Each year, the House Inc. puts on the Cinderella Ball to give children with disabilities and life threatening illnesses an opportunity to dance the night away and gain inspiration to keep moving forward.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity to create some moments,” Executive Director of the House Inc. Todd McCormick tells Townhall. "In life we remember moments not days."

Children and their parents were greeted at the doors by a salute from the United States Marine Corps as men and women stationed at Quantico Marine Base in lined the red carpet in full uniform. McCormick says by having the marines give families a formal welcome upon entering the hotel, they are able to receive the highest honor possible.

General Manager of the Willard Hotel Jim Veil says he has hosted Kings, Presidents and diplomats, but that the Cinderella Ball is the most special event of the year.

Three-time Grammy Award winning sister duo Mary Mary provided entertainment throughout the evening.

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