Katie Pavlich
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Like totally, could Meghan McCain stop trying to represent 27-year-old "republican/moderate" women everywhere? And like totally stop talking about politics because she is like, wrong all the time?

"It's so awkward! It's so awkward! It's so awkward! It's like really weird." -Such an adult response and way to behave when being asked about Sarah Palin possibly moving to Arizona

"I heard Rachel Maddow was bar tending and I heard that she makes like, lethal drinks and she made me a drink and it was like drinking gasoline." -that would explain a lot......

"I think the tea party is dying out a little bit, I think in the last election a lot of their candidates weren't elected." -Actually, Meghan, the biggest turn over of House seats in over 70 years happened in November 2010 solely because of the tea party, not the establishment or the RNC.

Newsflash: We tried the moderate candidate thing in 2008, his name was John McCain and he lost to Barack Obama. But, the scariest statement made in this video?

"They're so lucky I wasn't in DC when that news hit because me and my friend would have been outside the White House, I would of been like, in my bra screaming with like, USA painted on my face, like, I was that person."

As George Will says, "That is not an astute political point."

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Katie Pavlich

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