Kate Hicks

While traveling to his mobile field office in his Wisconsin district yesterday, Rep. Sean Duffy and his staff suffered a flat tire on the highway. But Rep. Duffy proved himself to be most resourceful, and changed the tire himself -- and apparently, it only took him 10 minutes! He posted a short YouTube video of the incident, in which he "goes old school," as he says, tire jack and all:

Rep. Duffy is one of the "Final Four" in the House Republican new media challenge, in which members of the GOP conference are competing to see who can amass the most Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers. This week focuses on YouTube, hence the video. It's nice to see that members of Congress are working so hard to connect with constituents, and even better to know they're willing to take a knee and fix a flat tire when need be!

Kate Hicks

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