Guy Benson
Abortion cheerleaders rejoice.  From the network that brought you Jersey Shore, a Christmastime "special report" that will follow a 17-year-old girl's journey from pregnancy to the abortion clinic.  The program will also feature a panel discussion with young women who chose to abort:

After documenting dozens of teen mothers’ heart-wrenching stories via its hit 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom series, MTV will tackle the sensitive issue of abortion with a separate special called No Easy Decision, EW has learned exclusively. The special, airing Dec. 28 at 11:30 p.m., will follow one former 16 and Pregnant subject, Markai, as she wrestles with the decision after becoming pregnant for a second time. Dr. Drew Pinsky will also talk with young women who, like 27 percent of teens who end up with unplanned pregnancies, have chosen to end them. MTV sources say the documentary will tackle all sides of the issue, including the importance of contraception and the devastating effects of facing such a decision.

If that last sentence is accurate, the show actually has the potential of engendering pro-life sentiments among many viewers.  It all depends on how delicately and evenhandedly MTV producers handle the show.

Guy Benson

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