Guy Benson
Thousands turned out in Chicago's Hyde Park last night to hear President Obama's closing argument on behalf of incumbent Governor Pat Quinn and failed mob banker/aspiring Senator Alexi Giannoulias:

The President touted all the progress already made in health care reform, job growth and the economy.

"If you're willing to step up, if you're willing to try, we will restore our economy. We will rebuild the middle class and we will reclaim the American dream for another generation and generations to come," Mr. Obama said.

He went on to remind voters to put Illinois Treasurer, Alexi Giannoulias, in his vacant Senate seat and to keep Governor Pat Quinn in office.

An amateur video captured portions of the rally:

Polls show Republicans Bill Brady and Mark Kirk narrowly leading both races, but small GOP leads have a nasty habit of vanishing on Election Day, especially in Illinois.

Guy Benson

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Author Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography

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