Christine Rousselle

Ukraine has been the site of intense protests against the growing Russian influence and corruption in society. A Whisper to a Roar, a documentary about protestors fighting for democracy in Egypt, Ukraine, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, released the following video last week showing the perspective of one Ukrainian activist:

There is only one reason: We want to be free from a dictatorship. We want to be free from the politicians who work only for themselves, who are ready to shoot, to beat, to injure people just for saving their money, just for saving their houses, just to saving their power.

I want these people who are here to have dignity, who are brave, I want them to live a normal life. We are civilized people, but our government are barbarians. That’s not a Soviet Union. We want our courts not to be corrupted. We want to be free.

The video currently has amassed over 1.2 million views on YouTube. Meanwhile, the unrest in Kiev shows no real sign of stopping and may escalate into a civil war.

Christine Rousselle

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Author Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography