Christine Rousselle

Harassing a hunter is illegal under Massachusetts law, but that's not stopping People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) from launching a new surveillance drone dubbed the "Air Angel." This drone is designed to follow hunters who are possibly engaged in illegal hunting practices.

For about $325, a person can purchase a drone from PETA's catalog, and use that drone to film hunters who they believe to be engaging in illegal activity. The program went live on the first day of the Massachusetts bow hunting season.

Here's a video that PETA put on YouTube displaying the drone in action:

I cannot see how this would end well, and I think this is a tad absurd. Game Wardens are supposed to enforce hunting laws. It is entirely plausible that a person could harass or even injure a hunter with a drone they are unprepared to fly. This is silly, and hopefully Massachusetts will step in to protect its hunters.

Christine Rousselle

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Author Photo credit: Jensen Sutta Photography