Chris Field
Get your weekend fix right here, right now.

We couldn't stand the thought of letting you go an entire weekend without a fresh episode. So here you go:

Topics for your enjoyment:
*Is Donald Trump serious?
*Chris interviews "Meghan McCain"
*Obama to birthers: I've got your birth certificate right here
*Special guest Guy Benson talks politics, Trump, birthers, and unions
*A trip through crazy town
*Big Labor is full of hypocrites
*Scott Walker should be all Republicans' hero
*Massachusetts follows Wisconsin's lead
*Is Miss McCain really a clown and a know-nothing? Yes
*Democrats block collective bargaining rights
*Calling yourself a conservative Republican doesn't make you a conservative Republican
*Who's addicted to bleach?
*and more
You're welcome.

Chris Field

Chris Field is the former Executive Editor of Townhall Magazine.

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