Steny Hoyer on Townhall

Leah Barkoukis - Sun Jan 12

House Democrats would likely support a bipartisan proposal that would cut food stamps by $9 billion, Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said this week, reports The Hill. ... more

Leah Barkoukis - Sat Dec 28

It’s hard to believe the National Republican Congressional Committee was able to narrow the list down to only 35. ... more

Ed Feulner - Sat May 25

Ryan James Girdusky - Fri Aug 26

Last week, the Obama administration announced it will halt deportations of illegal immigrants on a case-by-case basis depending on whether they held certain criteria. Such criteria included attending school, having a family and having primary care responsibility for a family member. ... more

Jeff Jacoby - Wed Aug 3

But there is a difference -- a sharp difference -- between disputing a view you reject and demonizing someone who holds that view as a murderous enemy. Liberals who loathe the Tea Party have every right to challenge it. But when, in an apoplectic frenzy, they defame its members as "terrorists," they go way too far, and debase only themselves. ... more

Lincoln Brown - Fri Jun 24

We’re broke. But you knew that. The credit cards are maxed out, and the repo men are on their way to take our big screen and dinette set. ... more

Joel Mowbray - Tue May 31

It has been two weeks since Arabs marched on Israel's borders on four sides, yet that media spectacle remains a potent metaphor for the mounting threats facing the tiny Jewish state, from Hezbollah taking over Lebanon to the Hamas-partnered Palestinian government attempting to circumvent peace talks by unilaterally declaring statehood at the United Nations. ... more

Caroline Glick - Fri May 27

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was hoping to avoid his clash with US President Barack Obama this week in Washington. ... more

Donald Lambro - Fri May 27

If the Democrats are counting on making a come back in the 2012 elections by demagoguing the Republican Medicare reforms, they'd better think again. ... more

Washington, DC - Tue May 24

Because a $14.3 trillion debt is nothing, right? ... more

Terry Jeffrey - Wed Mar 9

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland and House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia made clear this week that the American people should not expect either party to balance the federal budget anytime in the next decade. ... more