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A conservative is now in charge of scoring legislation in Washington. ... more

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Once upon a time, it was gauche to accuse one's ideological opposition of exploiting the rules by which the Congressional Budget Office plays the scoring game. It's worth revisiting this idea in the wake of MIT academic Jonathan Gruber's admission of guilt to this charge. ... more

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"Jonathan Gruber, the economist at the heart of a fresh debate about the Affordable Care Act, has had more than a dozen appointments to visit the White House since Democrats began drafting the health law in 2009, records show." ... more

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What's interesting is the CBO's analysis of the makeup of the labor force. ... more

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Don't call it "job lock": the Congressional Budget Office has evaluated two proposals to hike the minimum wage, and has found strong disincentive effects for employers to either hire new workers or to retain the workers they'll have to pay more for. ... more

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