W. Thomas Smith, Jr

In their new book, FLEECED, political pundit Dick Morris and attorney-coauthor Eileen McGann (yes, Morris and McGann are married), expose companies – both foreign and domestic – U.S. media powerhouses, an ineffective Congress, highly-vocal party hacks, and, yes, Sen. Barack Obama, all of whom are slickering Americans for their own ends, and seriously compromising our national security (among other things) in the process.

FLEECED was released on Tuesday and almost immediately soared to the #1 spot at Amazon.com. On Wednesday morning, Morris and I spent a few minutes on the phone chatting about the book and how it serves as an important primer in both an election year and in a strategically evolutionary period in the war on terror.

Jumping right into a handful of primarily defense-related questions, I ask Morris about the danger posed to our national security and the potential degradation of defense under a, God-help-us, president Obama.

Repeating his oft-uttered mantra -- “Everybody is in love with the sizzle [of Obama] and nobody has looked at the steak,” Morris contends that Americans supporting Obama are too focused on an abstract notion of change and an “audacity of hope.” And those opposing him are too busy worrying about the maniacal rantings of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whether-or-not Michelle Obama “likes America,” or if Barack Obama is wearing a flag pin on his lapel.

“No one seems to be doing the hard work of actually going through Obama’s positions, looking at what he’s for and against, and what he would do as president,” says Morris. “That’s what we attempt to do in this book.”

Regarding Obama’s self-proclamation as the candidate of change – and my particular concerns regarding defense – Morris says there is only a “going back to the past”: A reference to Obama’s recently announced foreign policy team; a handful of resurrected Clintonistas like Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher, William Perry, and others, most of whom misread the signs or completely missed the intelligence of the rise of Al Qaeda in the 1990’s. Recently, Obama dusted them off and propped them back up as his new change champions.

There is however “one fundamental element” related to national security that Obama would indeed change.

“He does not believe in the two-track investigative-prosecutorial system [where one track pursues admissible evidence for criminal prosecution, and the other track pursues intelligence to break up terrorist activity before terror strikes],” says Morris. “What Obama is basically saying is that even if we are just gathering intelligence with no intention of admissing that intelligence into court, we have to follow all the constitutional norms of the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments.”

W. Thomas Smith, Jr

W. Thomas Smith Jr. is a former U.S. Marine rifle-squad leader and counterterrorism instructor. He is the author of six books, and he has covered war and conflict in the Balkans, on the West Bank, in Iraq, and Lebanon. Visit him online at http://www.uswriter.com.
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