This post was authored by Thomas N. Tripp

While some in Washington try to solve, and others obstruct, fixing our fiscal mess, we hear “our political system is broken because of partisanship.” This is untrue, even absurd. This argument tries to pit politics against principle.

The Democrats are using partisanship and diversion to prevent discussion of the real problem the nation faces: insolvency. Thus they claim there is something wrong with the political system (when they don’t get their way) rather than with their policies. This hypocrisy has finally been brought to trial.

The liberals have been on an untenable political and economic course for decades, during which they have claimed a moral high ground. Now they are astonished to find that the public no longer believes them.

Obviously we need to protect those who cannot help themselves, and we need to make Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid solvent and safe, not only from bankruptcy, but from the crass and cynical political maneuverings of liberal politicians who claim to be the only ones who care.

The welfarism that promises everything and delivers little but lowest-common-denominator living standards was born in the 1930s, during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. In that era there was no bipartisanship. The Democrats controlled both the executive and legislative branches and their Congressional majorities were impregnable. They passed legislation implementing government programs that promised to remedy the economy’s deep-seated malaise and to save future generations from the poverty that grew inexorably in that decade. But the untenable spending of that era was and is still nothing more than taking money out of the pockets of the productive people who create jobs and pay taxes and putting it into dead-end programs. Nevertheless, it was a politically astute move.

This Keynesian form of government interference—spending money that doesn’t exist—resulted in higher taxes and outlays than the economy could sustain. The tax rates stifled the capital-intensive job creation that was so necessary, while at the same time the liberals created the false idol of an omniscient government that can and should take care of everyone and everything. Sound familiar?