Tony Katz

On Saturday, a group of 700 protestors clogged traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge to, according to an Associated Press article “...[demonstrate] against corporate greed, global warming and social inequality, among other grievances...”

There are some serious inconsistencies here. Corporate "greed" is the catalyst for millions of American paychecks. Global warming (the anthropogenic kind) has been thoroughly debunked and "social inequality" is just another way to say "social justice," which is just another wealth redistribution scam.

One of the protestors, Erin Larkins, explained why she and her boyfriend attended the rally on the bridge:

I don't think we're asking for much, just to wake up every morning not worrying whether we can pay the rent, or whether our next meal will be rice and beans again.

You know who else worries about that? Every single person in America! But the majority of them don't think the answer is blocking traffic between two boroughs of the busiest city in America. The majority of Americans think the answer to paying the rent is finding a way to pay the rent. The answer is getting a job, or starting a small business.

And what is wrong with beans and rice? Is "Occupy Wall Street" also anti-Cuban? But I digress.

Larkins' comments are simply preposterous when you learn that she is a graduate student at Columbia University (although certainly not surprising; veteran talk show host Dennis Prager routinely asks callers who make particularly foolish comments what graduate school they attended). Although Larkin’s course of studies is unknown, if Larkins were enrolled in the School of Journalism, for example, her tuition would be $43,527 per year.

How is it possible that Larkins is worried about how to pay the rent, when she now attends Columbia's graduate program? What could she possibly be majoring in that wouldn't allow her the ability to pay her rent, or eat more than beans and rice? If her major can't pay the rent, then isn’t the problem her choice in major? Larkins also mentioned that she has, "...significant student loan debt." She could have gone to Arizona State University for half the money, never mind the savings on winter coats.

Tony Katz

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