Susan Stamper Brown

The world spins, the seasons change, someone breaks a sweat in November -- and the next thing we know, liberals find another excuse to grow the government.

This time it's about climate change; you know... that thing that's been happening four times per year since the dawn of creation, with rainy springs, hot summers, dry falls, and cold winters or, sometimes, dry springs, cool summers, wet falls, and warm winters.

Liberals freak out over anything (or anyone) that doesn't neatly fit into their carefully controlled tight box of how things should be. A few days of 100-degree temperatures or an unseasonable snowstorm sends them into full panic mode. So things like the repressive climate change executive order President Obama signed November 1 makes them feel as if they've gained some semblance of control - over us, that is.

The executive order is really a whole lot to do about nothing, considering the Arctic sea ice is now recovering, the 17-year pause in global warming is expected to extend into the 2030's, and scientists now say recent warm weather trends are just part of a naturally recurring 300-year cycle. I repeat, naturally recurring.

Climate Depot's Marc Morano says Obama's executive order is odd, considering "this year is probably the least extreme weather year we've had in 100 years" with "declining trends" in droughts, big tornadoes, hurricanes and heat waves.

In fact, according to the Financial Post, there is a growing consensus among many scientists that we are actually entering a season of global cooling. Word of advice though for those who may be inclined to hold their breath waiting for an executive order to address global cooling; you're likely to pass out before that happens. Besides, the whole global warming nonsense is far too big a money-making scam to admit a reversal now. The fear factor goes a long way in this regard. I saw an article today in the UK Daily Mail which said, "Global warming could lead to snakes as long as buses and horses shrinking to the size of cats." I think we're already there; has anyone ever heard of an anaconda?

Seriously, the facts are out there but truth is a painful experience for the closed-minded. But here goes anyhow. Back in 2012, Peter Ferrara of the Heartland Institute told Forbes, "Climate change itself is already in the process of definitively rebutting climate alarmists who think human use of fossil fuels is causing ultimately catastrophic global warming." He goes on to make a great point that the 20th Century's fluctuating temperatures didn't gel with the increased CO2 from the Industrial Revolution.

Susan Stamper Brown

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