Susan Stamper Brown
America's founding fathers were beholden to the odd notion that the best prevention against a tyrannical leader or mob rule was the simple yet effective system of checks and balances. Presently, a nominal Republican majority in the House of Representatives is the only thing keeping American capitalism from a nosedive into collectivism, communism, Marxism, Leninism, or Maoism. (Feel free to choose your noun.)

I write "odd notion" because since taking office, Obama and Team Pelosi-Reid have effectively used the U.S. Constitution for White House toilet paper. They consistently write checks which can't be cashed and operate on budgets which cannot be balanced. Not exactly what the founders had in mind. Need a more specific example? All one needs to do is remember the spending spree Democrats went on when they were in control during 2009-2010, leading to the Obamacare fight which Republicans and a majority of Americans went on to lose.

As a result, the electorate said, "yes" to checks and balances when it said, "no more" to Democrats-Gone-Wild, awarding Republicans the House majority during the 2010 midterm elections (and again in 2012). It's been a miserable two years for debt-addicted Democrats. Addiction is the right word to be applied here. Addicts (insert Democrats) lose control of their sensibilities; never attaining satisfaction because they always need more.

To heck with the electorate's wishes and checks and balances; many of these archetypal addicts have convinced themselves any way but their way is downright immoral. According to the Washington Post on March 2, President Obama told reporters he can't "force Congress to do the right thing" regarding the sequester he originally initiated. Right thing? Seems to me Congress is doing the right thing when they say no to what they believe is the wrong thing for those they represent. Right... err...correct?

Not on your life -- if the goal is to eliminate all things traditionally American. And if that's the case, brace yourself for more Chicago-style gangsta' politics to regain control of the House of Representatives in 2014. That's why we will continue to hear incessant rants flowing from Obama's mouth articulating a dishonest portrayal of the "checks" (Republicans) placed to keep him in balance.

Susan Stamper Brown

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