Steve Deace

The one issue that is probably the only thing standing in the way of a GOP-controlled U.S. Senate happening this fall is now back on the table. Because whenever he needs a slump buster, Obummer knows he can always count on Republican Party “leadership” to provide—right as rain.

The Democrats cannot win this fall. This environment is exactly what we saw in 2006, but in reverse. Because of that environment, there was nothing the Republicans could do that year to win. It was just a matter of how bad the loss would be. But now the shoe is on the other foot. The president is underwater in the polls on every issue people will be thinking about when they cast their ballots come November 4th. This is exactly why Obummer hinted at playing his ultimate trump card this week.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest revealed the Regime’s 2014 game plan when he said he hopes “Congress doesn’t shutdown the government over common sense executive action on immigration.” It would be a “real shame” he went on to say.

Allow me to translate what the Regime really means here:

“We know the leadership of the Republican Party is every bit in favor of amnesty as we are, and if it weren’t for the current border crisis they would’ve gone along with it after their contentious primary cycle was over.

Earlier this year they were even saying as much.

However, amnesty is a toxic issue to the GOP base. Since our base is demoralized, our only hope of somewhat neutralizing how many independent and swing voters we’re going to lose this fall is to similarly demoralize the GOP base in kind. When we commit our next act of lawlessness we know the GOP establishment has no stomach to try and stop – amnesty by executive fiat – conservatives will demand House GOP leadership ‘hold us accountable.’ But the only way they can do that is to file impeachment charges or defund our schemes, which will cause a government shutdown.

Either option is one these over-consulted empty suits in Speaker Boehner’s cabinet have proven time and time again they don’t have the stomach for. If they stand up to us, we’ll mobilize our sycophantic media they’re so afraid of to scare them to death. If they don’t stand up to us and buckle yet again, a demoralized GOP base could do exactly what they did in 2012, which saw millions of them staying home.

We win regardless of which outcome it is.

Steve Deace

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