Steve Deace

What transpired in the Mississippi Senate run-off is a red line for many conservatives across the country, because the Republican Party establishment essentially took a civil war and escalated it to a war for independence.

It’s one thing to oppose your base in a primary. It’s entirely another to despicably play the race card against your base, and bolster the legitimacy of the propaganda of our race-baiting opponents on the Left. But that’s exactly what the Kamikaze pilots running the GOP did. As a result, Chris McDaniel won Republican voters handily on Tuesday, but still lost the run-off statewide thanks to a 43 percent increase among voters in counties President Obama received at least two-thirds of the vote in 2012.

In other words, the GOP establishment used Obama/Alinsky race-baiting tactics against their own base, in order to drive out to the polls in a GOP primary the same low-information-voters that put and kept this Marxist in the White House (which I document here). An unpardonable sin considering there is no reason to go scorched earth against your own base in solidly Republican state except to send a message.

That message is this: if you threaten our corporatist gravy train we will go harder after you then we ever have Democrats.

Now that the message has been sent, there will not be an Appomattox moment in this conflict, when the two sides come back together after one of them has proven his point. The end result of this conflict will either be the defeat of the occupying army (the establishment) or conservatives will Dunkirk (bolt the GOP en masse). I say this not as someone who advocates a third party, although I’m asked about it frequently. My typical response to the question is “I’d like to see what a second party looks like first.”

But as Erick Erickson at Red State pointed out this week, it’s become clear those of us who still cling to the principles in the party platform have become the “Republicans in Name Only.” The old Reagan coalition is still there in population, but it no longer exists as a presence within the GOP. Years of betraying its base has put the GOP establishment in a bind. They can’t raise money off their base anymore, so they have to raise the money it takes to remain in power from corporatist lobbyists. Except pursuing the policy aims of those corporatist lobbyists enrages the base all the more, and the vicious cycle of dysfunction continues.

Steve Deace

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